NIS worldwide

The company’s headquarters and its main production capacities are located in Serbia: the majority of its oil and gas fields; its refinery with two production units located in the towns of Pančevo and Novi Sad; a network of storage facilities for crude oil, gas and petroleum products; and a network of petrol stations. In accordance with the Long-Term Development Strategy which foresees, in the period between 2010 and 2011, NIS has started the expansion of the company core activity outside Serbia. NIS established the representative office in Brussels as a support to Serbia’s European integrations while affiliated companies are established in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. Representative offices of NIS also operate in Russia, Angola and Croatia.

European Union

NIS is the first company from Serbia to establish a representative office in Brussels. The office, opened in 2011, is a part of NIS’s business strategy developed with the aim of reaching a leading position in the oil and gas industry in the region, as well as applying European standards and new top business technologies. NIS representatives in Brussels closely monitor the appropriate EU directives and regulations in the field of energy, reduction of hazardous gas emission, and environmental protection, at the same time striving to provide full support to negotiations in the process of accession of the Republic of Serbia to the EU.


NIS has been operating in this African country since 1980. In 1985, NIS started to drill for oil in Angola. From its establishment to the end of 2010, NIS produced about 4 million tons of crude oil at the concession sites in Angola. In this country, NIS currently operates in two production units, six wells and one exploration unit in the consortium with the company Sonangol.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

At the end of 2010, NIS and Neftegazinkor, a subsidiary of the Russian Zarubezhneft, set up the joint company Jadran-Naftagas, which is engaged in exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the Republic of Srpska. At the end of 2011, Jadran-Naftagas was awarded a concession to explore for and use hydrocarbons in the entire Republic of Srpska. Exploration works are currently in progress. The results of the drilling will determine the dynamic of further oil and gas exploration in this area.

NIS carries out activities regarding sales and the development of the retail network via the companies NIS Petrol Banja Luka and G Petrol Sarajevo. In the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina there is a wide retail network  operating under the brands of NIS Petrol and Gazprom.


Bulgaria is one of the priority markets for the development of the NIS retail network in the region. In this country, a subsidiary, NIS Petrol EOOD, has been registered. In the middle of 2012, the first petrol station under the brand name Gazprom was opened in Bulgaria and today Gazprom network in this country has 35 petrol stations. NIS Petrol has bought a storage facility in Kostinbrod near Sofia, and thus opened up the possibility for the development of fuel distribution from Serbia using its own retail facilities, as well as for the commencement of wholesale activities.


Hungary is one of the countries prioritized for implementation of geological and exploration operations in the Pannonian Basin. NIS’s partners in Hungary is RAG (Austria). NIS cooperates with them on two exploration units near the Serbian border.


NIS’ representative office in Romania, “NIS Petrol”, pursues exploration and production and retail network development across the entire country.

In this country, which, from the geological perspective, belongs to the Pannonian basin, NIS has started geological and research activity on six blocks located in the highly-productive region in the Western part of the country. NIS cooperates with three companies in Romania – Canadian “East West Petroleum”, Irish “Moesia Oil and Gas”, and English “Zeta Petroleum”.

The GAZPROM petrol station network in Romania comprises 18 facilities.


The representative office of NIS in the Russian Federation deals with the protocol, administrative and logistical support to NIS, as well as cooperation with Gazprom Neft.


NIS Oilfield Services has been present in this market for more than ten years. Projects which involve the engagement of drilling equipment, well overhauls, and geological supervision over drilling operations, as well as maintenance of oil exploration and production equipment of other companies have been implemented over the past decade. At this moment, our biggest drilling rig, Nacional-1, is engaged by the company Dragon Oil. Also, seismic surveys have been done for other companies present in Turkmenistan (RWE, Itera). Therefore, an invitation to begin exploration drilling activities is expected.


NIS’ representative office in Croatia provides support to NIS, establishes business cooperation with potential partners, and follows-up regulations and projects in the field of energy in this country.