Leading by innovation

Business leaders invariably lead by innovation in daily operations; they make investments, while taking a good care of people and environment. As Serbia’s only business dealing with oil and gas exploration and extraction, we are well aware of our responsibility. This is why we constantly invest in novel technologies AND NEW production capacities, which ensure our company’s continuous growth and quality environment and people protection. This was made possible by our completed projects that make us leaders in investment and innovation.

Amine Plant

Europe’s Exclusive Amine Plant Outputs Quality, Clean Gas

Being a company that keeps abreast of ultimate trends in green power and renewables, in 2016 we launched the Amine Plant for natural gas treatment, which uses a poor quality gas to produce a good quality power source for industry and households.

Amine Plant is environmentally pivotal as it reduces the release of carbon dioxide from the natural gas into the atmosphere.

Amine Plant is intended for the improvement of the quality of domestic natural gas, which is achieved by removing carbon dioxide and gas impurities, simultaneously increasing volume of its production.

Company has invested more than 30 million Euros in construction of this state-of-the-art Plant.

The technology applied in the Amine Plant is HiPACT (High Pressure Acidgas Capture Technology), one of the most effective among the existing gas processing methods. Its exploitation contributes to increasing the efficiency of the Company’s business operations since it allows up to 25 per cent saving of heat, electricity, and raw materials compared to the technologies that were previously applied, which additionally boosts company’s its business efficiency.

Amine Plant is a plant for treatment of natural gas with amine (amine is a chemical compound that efficiently binds and removes impurities such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide from the natural gas. This removes carbon dioxide and other gas impurities from the local natural gas by. The carbon dioxide binding is a two-stage process: amine wash removes acid gas, and drying which removes water from the natural gas.

Energy efficiency: The exploitation of HiPACT technology ensures increased efficiency of the Company’s business operations since it allows up to 25 per cent saving of heat, electricity, and raw materials compared to other similar technologies.

Other than the improved quality and increase of volume of natural gas production, Amine Plant is environmentally pivotal. This plant operation completely prevents the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This is achieved by not releasing the excess carbon dioxide from the treated gas into the atmosphere, but the dried out carbon dioxide is being injected into the previously prepared company operated wells. Therefore contributes to reducing the effect of “greenhouse gases”, frequently plaguing the gas processing.

The plant in Elemir is Europe’s first and only HiPACT plant in, Japan being another world’s country to employ this technology. Thus, NIS yet again features as a pioneer in the application of latest technologies not only in Serbia, but in the entire Europe.


Cogeneration  –  mini power plants boost company efficiency

Its environmental responsibility, but also increase efficiency at work, shows the launch of NIS mini power plants from oil and gas fields throughout Serbia, which gas conversion of lower quality produce electricity which is sold in the market of Serbia and the region.

As part of the transformation of oil and gas in Energy company, NIS is the production of electricity invested more than $ 15 million and built 13 small power plants. Many of the art company in 2016 and the beginning of the trade in electricity in the European Union – Romania, Slovenia and Hungary.

Cogeneration is based on the production of electricity and thermal energy from gas that had not been used because it contains a high level of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The process of converting the gas into electricity has an extremely ecological dimension, as this reduces the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere, as this gas before burning the torches. It is fully compliant with ENERGY and environmental trends of today, in terms of reducing energy consumption and reducing pollution.

As the NIS, together with Elektroprivreda Serbia, the only manufacturer that in our country the electricity sold on the free market, the increase in electricity production capacity represents a major step for all consumers in Serbia. Thus, in 2016, NIS signed a contract for the supply of electricity with the National Theatre in Belgrade, whose annual consumption is around 2 GWh.

Many of the art company in 2016 and the beginning of the trade in electricity in the European Union – Romania, Slovenia and Hungary. NIS is currently present on the market six countries in the region and two exchanges of electricity, a plan that in the years to be covered the entire Balkan region.



HSE – Care of People and Environment

Occupational safety, health employees, our associates and partners, as well as care for the environment, have always been a priority of our business, and are particularly renowned for HSE corporate culture of NIS.

To be aware of the importance of working and living environment has become and remain a permanent part of their business activities, 2016 was declared the year of HSE (Health, Safety, Environment). Thus, we have adopted the initiative of our parent company “Gazprom Neft” and saw to international companies that have the best practices in this field.

Awareness of the importance of working and living environment is a part of everyday business activities NIS.

They are fully implemented internal rules on the principles of sustainable development in our company, through documents “policy of environmental protection, industrial safety and the safety and health at work of NIS” and “Declaration of HSE policy.” Their implementation in practice we strive to reach “The goal 0” – zero injuries at work for employees and third parties, zero HSE events.

Capital projects that NIS realized as one of the leading oil companies in the region, involve the use of modern technology whose environmental effects are reflected in the reduction of pollution of air, water and soil and rational use of natural resources. In addition, we are continuously applying high standards in the field of industrial safety and health protection, in line with global trends and regulations.

Occupational safety as a priority imposed by the very nature of business in the oil industry. In addition to internal training and motivation for HSE employees of NIS is that suppliers must comply with all safety and environmental standards, which is implemented through a process HSE pre-qualification of suppliers.

We apply high standards in the field of industrial safety and health protection.

Environmental responsibility NIS stated the maximum protection of the environment: reducing the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere, responsible attitude towards water resources, waste water treatment, safe management of all types of waste, rehabilitation of land after works, production of fuel Euro-5 standards, effective remediation of environmental accidents and care for protected areas.

We are aware that if we have a responsibility toward people and the environment cannot build success and maintain a leadership position. Therefore, its HSE standards and goals we raise to a higher level and define the limits within which we have to achieve the best results, because only then can we justify the trust of our customers, partners and shareholders.

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