Career development

By actively contributing to development of knowledge and skills of employees and building the system of quality and continuous training we create the opportunity for our employees to obtain the necessary qualifications which are in line with European and international standards in the given segments of business.


NIS’ activities in the region enable our employees to take part in the international projects which help them develop their professional competences.

We are constantly working on development of professional skills by means of corporate development programs. We offer the developed system of training for all employee levels (from the beginner’s positions to specialists and managers of all levels). Apart from training required by law, the employees are sent to trainings, workshops and conferences on topics important for the Company’s performance.

We endeavour to engage the best foreign trainers and representatives of the international institutions in order to transfer the world’s best practices and obtain the international licenses for performance of work.
Presence of NIS in the region allows our employees to participate in the international projects which encourage the development of their expertise.

Our target is to always have ready and trained employees who can occupy the most responsible positions within the Company.

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    Career Development

    Our goal is to have ready and trained employees who can occupy the most responsible positions within the Company


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