Fuel card

To ensure fast, easy and secure purchase of fuel and отхер products, NIS has introduced its Fuel Card.


Gazprom Fuel Card is a new generation card which meets the highest European standards. It can be used at NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations to buy fuel, oil, and lubricant products, as well as an assortment of additional non-fuel products.

We offer:

  • cashless payment within the biggest network of petrol stations in Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • several card types designed for to your needs: credit, debit (group or individual), financial and quantity cards exempt from excise taxes and VAT,
  • commercial discounts (credit notes),
  • reduction and optimization of business costs,
  • use of personal management services (card servicing, various types of reports, transactions, limit changes, and card blocking),
  • access to a personal web account for online card control,
  • free, 24/7, information centre services,
  • options of advance payment or credit card options tailored to your needs.

You can choose between three types of cards available: credit, debit, and individual.

You can find more information on Gazprom Fuel Card and the documents you need to apply for it here.

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