Marine Fuel

NIS supplies river vessels with top quality Euro diesel at its bunkering stations found along river routes in Serbia.


The high quality of the EURO DIESEL we provide ensures maximum performance, proper starting and flawless engine operation. Produced in line with the strictest specifications, the quality of EURO DIESEL is fully compliant with the European standard EN 590.

For customers from transit fleets obtaining fuel through the customs warehouse, the prices does not include VAT and excise tax, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia.

Novi Sad
1252. km Danube River, on the channel Danube-Tisa-Danube, Pontoon 1 Novi Sad Oil Refinery.

861. km Danube River, Prahovo

1116. km Danube River, pier 2, Smederevo

nis_piu_brodovi_novi_sad Belgrade

Currently, NIS supplies fuel to vessels in five bunkering stations on the river Danube – in Novi Sad, Prahovo, Smederevo and Belgrade. The modern bunker station Smederevo is intended solely for supplying local vessels operating on inland navigable waterways of the Republic of Serbia with motor fuel. It reaches 165 tons in capacity, ensuring a reliable supply chain through logistics relying upon a secure technological connection established with a 12,215 ton bunker fuel tank. The total capacity of the Novi Sad bunker station amounts to 2,000 tons, whereas the total capacity of the one situated in Prahovo reaches 2,342 tons. The storage space of the Belgrade bunker station totals 110 tonnes, with one section allocated for the supply of domestic fleet on the waterways of the Republic of Serbia.

A significant capacity of the bunker stations ensures a great stability in supply, guaranteeing an exceptionally high level of reserves and the possibility of providing services without any delays.

In order to protect the environment, modern equipment — floating membranes and skimmers for the removal of fuel from water — is used both at the installations and bunker station.

NIS’ goal for the upcoming period is to maintain the leadership position in the bunkering market on the Middle Danube and potentially to expand the bunker station network, both in Serbia and the regional countries.

A professional business policy and flexible payment options allow us to create long-lasting and friendly relationships with ship owners. The foundations for fair and fruitful collaboration between our company and our customers are laid by two linked documents that make up our bunkering contract. Feel free to download the Bunker Supply Confirmation and the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

In addition, a broad portfolio of oils and lubricants for ship engines and supporting equipment is available at all NIS bunkering stations. Download the General Terms and Conditions for Sale of Oils and Lubricants, as well as the Confirmation of Delivery of Lubricants.








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