Motor fuel

The quality of motor fuels directly affects an engine’s performance, its service life, and its emissions, and thus it indirectly affects the quality of the air.

The quality of motor fuels directly affects an engine’sperformance and its life expectancy, as well as exhaust gas emission and, by implication, the quality of the air we breathe.
All types of motor fuel undergo strict and regular laboratory control, and are compliant with the Regulations on Technical and Other Requirements for Liquefied Fuel Originating from Crude Oil. In addition, Euro Premium BMB95, G-Drive 100, Ultra D and Euro Diesel comply with European quality standards.
In response to customer needs, NIS petrol stations offer the following types of fuel:

Fuel types: Description:
gdrive Novi premijum benzin 100 oktana G-Drive 100 sadrži aktivne komponente koje omogućavaju efikasniji rad motora, poboljšavaju njegove performanse i pozitivno se odražavaju na njegovu ispravnost i dugovečnost. Proizvedeno prema najvišim tehnološkim standardima, G-Drive 100 je gorivo nove snage koje će vašem motoru pružiti profesionalnu zaštitu, a vama sigurniju i uzbudljiviju vožnju. Specijalna formula ovog goriva produžava radni vek motora i sprečava nastanak kvarova. G-Drive 100 prodaje se ekskluzivno na Gazprom mreži benzinskih stanica. Saznajte više
Euro BMB 98 is designed both for new generation vehicles and older cars, because it makes the engine faster and provides better throttle response.
The advantages of Euro BMB 98, compared with Euro Premium BMB 95, are a higher octane level, which gives the engine more power, increases its efficiency, and ensures steady and stable engine performance. Furthermore, using this type of petrol contributes to environmental protection by decreasing the emission of exhaust gases (contains a maximum of 10 ppm of sulphur in accordance with European standards).
EURO PREMIUM BMB 95 is a top quality fuel which fully meets the strictest requirements for Euro 5 emission standards for motor vehicles. It is intended for the latest generation of vehicles, increasing their life expectancy and helping environmental protection. Fuel quality is in compliance with EN 228, the European standard for petrol quality.
The high quality of the EURO DIESEL we provide ensures maximum performance, proper starting and flawless engine operation even at extremely low temperatures. Winter is not the only time when EURO DIESEL proves its quality. Quieter operation, greater power and lower consumption are the advantages of using this fuel. Produced in line with the strictest specifications, the quality of EURO DIESEL is fully compliant with the European standard EN 590.
NIS Petrol offers LPG, adapted for gas devices of the newest generation. The benefits of LPG are low price, longer engine operation, lower maintenance expenses, longer engine oil and spark plug replacement period, and longer catalyst life.
It is much environmentally sound than traditional motor fuels. As it is produced according to the strictest specifications, the quality of LPG is fully compliant with European standard EN 589.
cng Компримовани природни гас је природни гас који се компримује на притисак од 220-250 бара. Главни састојак је метан, који у поређењу са осталим дериватима има најмањи коефицијент емисије CО₂ по јединици ослобођене енергије и као такав доприноси побољшању квалитета ваздуха. Компримовани гас омогућава лакши старт и боље перформансе мотора. Ово гориво је за сада доступно само на НИС Петрол бензинској станици „Нови Сад 10“.

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