Culture without Borders

As a programme, Culture without Borders focuses on affirming cultural values, supporting institutions and events of national and international significance. By upholding culture in a social context and the values of humanity that it brings, we would like to raise people’s awareness in order to join hands in creating a better, happier, and more beautiful environment.


Supporting the most prestigious jazz festival in Southeast Europe is based on the wish to open up the space for global exchange of positive energy and artistic achievements and innovations through a harmonious intertwining of high-quality music and cultural values broadly construed.

The international jazz festival Nisville, supported by NIS for seven years running, is a traditional music event gathering world-renowned jazz musicians and attracting 100,000 admirers of this musical genre on average every year. The fact that in 2009 Nisville was declared a nationally significant cultural event and that it bears the title of “the best local brand” testify to this festival’s importance.

In addition to providing financial support, and with the aim of popularizing and promoting the festival, every year NIS organizes special actions for its followers on social networks.

Two years ago, the playlist titled “The Harmony of Our Energies”, containing about 150 performances of talented amateur musicians, was uploaded to NIS’ YouTube channel. Last year, on top of giving tickets to fans, a music competition was organized under the title Nisville Strings Attached? Owing to this competition, with as many as 47 bands applying, seven previously unknown music lineups from Serbia were given an exclusive chance to perform at the biggest jazz festival in the region.

Traditionally supporting young musicians, NIS has organised a competition this year by the name of ´Vote for Nišville´ that gave four winners a chance to perform at the Youth Stage in the festival line-up. In addition to the opportunity to present themselves to the audience of the biggest jazz festival in the region, the winners of the competition have also joined famous musicians in various music workshops.


From its inception in 1971 to the present day, the Belgrade International Film Festival FEST has become the most distinguished domestic film festival and one of the major events in the cultural life of Belgrade and Serbia.

The support for this internationally acclaimed festival which has been provided for many years by NIS as the main sponsor is aimed at the dissemination of ideas, opening up new prospects, promoting artistic talent as such, and upholding projects which improve upon the cultural life of the community in which the Company conducts its business.

During the festival NIS regularly organizes actions and competitions which encourage young people to be creative. For example, in 2014, at the 42nd FEST, held under the slogan “Not everything is black and white”, NIS organized a video competition “NISpired by Film” on Instagram. Giving emphasis to the importance of inspiration in the creation process as well as the inspiration afforded to us by film art itself, we awarded the winner of the competition, who sent us the most interesting interpretation of a film classic, with a three-day visit to the famous festival in Karlovy Vary, and prepared recognition awards for all other participants in the competition.

Balkan Trafik

For five consecutive years NIS has been facilitating the “Balkan Trafik“, a music festival seeking to promote traditions of the Balkans, which since 2007 has been taking place in Brussels with an unparalleled success in its contribution to a positive image making of the countries of the region in the EU.

South-East Europe’s greatest stars have featured at the Festival, presenting the culture of the Balkan region nations in the best possible way, which is what made this pageant one of Europe’s most prominent cultural events with thousands of visitors converging on it.

This year, Balkan Trafik has a privilege to set the stage for one of the most prolific musicians of this region Goran Bregović, who in accompaniment of his Weddings and Funerals Orchestra will perform a concert for the symphonic orchestra and a classic oriental violin entitled «Three Letters from Sarajevo».

As a business operating in the Balkans, NIS takes pleasure in facilitating events that promote the culture of this area of Europe. The “Balkan Trafik” Festival has emerged as a unique celebration of diversity and genuine art. NIS facilitation of such festivals bolsters the synergy and friendship of the Balkan region countries, raising awareness of the cultural kinship and abundant diversity, a hallmark of this region, where NIS operates.

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