Together for the Community

In order to help to improve the quality of life in the communities where it operates, this was the ninth year in a row for NIS to continue and deepen its partnership with 11 cities and municipalities in Serbia through the ‘Together for the Community’ programme.

Over the past nine years, NIS supported more than 900 projects which contributed to the socio-economic development of these municipalities and cities, investing over RSD 1 billion in them. In 2017, NIS allocated RSD 110.5 million for the citizens in these communities, which will be used to carry out a total of 42 projects.

The novelty in cooperation is in the past year is that, in concert with representatives of the municipalities and cities, NIS wanted to support the implementation of capital projects in five areas with a long-term significance for the local community, or more specifically: sport, culture, ecology, science/education and public health and social protection.

Based on the cooperation goals, a survey that included citizens of the local communities and inspection of the strategic plans, up to five projects were funded in each city or municipality. The projects, which are vital to the population in those communities, were selected in a competition. Three areas were selected in each local community within which interested parties could submit their proposals.

Through the implementation of these projects, NIS remains a good neighbour to all citizens of the communities where it operates, making it a priority to use its business successes as the energy that drives wider social progress.

In this section:


    Energy of Sports

    Facilitating professional and children sports, promoting healthy lifestyle


    Energy of Knowledge

    The project of cooperation with universities, scientific and educational institutions


    Culture without Borders

    Facilitating culture events and projects


    Together to the Community

    Partnership with areas, where NIS operates


    Philanthropy and volunteerism


    Social Investment Map