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NIS is one of the largest vertically integrated energy companies in Southeastern Europe. Its principal activities are exploration, production and refining, and sales and distribution of a broad range of petroleum products, as well as the implementation of various energy projects.


Today, NIS is one of the most successful companies in Serbia, and the largest contributor to the state budget.

The head office of the Group is in Novi Sad, and its production facilities are located throughout the Republic of Serbia, which, owing to its geographical position, is the centre of trade and investment in the Balkans.

In Serbia, NIS owns a refining compound with two units (in Pančevo and Novi Sad), an LPG production unit, and a network of petrol stations throughout Serbia and the neighbouring countries. In accordance with our long term Strategy providing for the expansion of business outside Serbia, NIS has expanded its business operations to the regional markets of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

In support of Serbia’s EU integration process, a representative office has been opened in Brussels. Additional representative offices operate in Russia, Turkmenistan, Angola, Bulgaria, Hungary, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia.

In 2012, NIS began expanding its operations to include the fields of electricity generation, wind generation, and geothermal energy.

Russian company Gazprom Neft owns 56.15 % of the share capital of NIS, while 29.87 % of NIS shares are held by the Republic of Serbia. The remaining portion is owned by citizens, employees, former employees and other minor shareholders. NIS’s shares are listed on the Belgrade Stock Exchange.

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