Mission, Vision, Values


Acquiring up-to-date knowledge in order to permanently increase the level of professional expertise and the ability to implement it in specific business processes

Initiative and Responsibility

Finding and proposing new solutions,both in the area of work responsibilities,as well as in the area of Company’s interests

Positive Attitude and Cooperation

Readiness to participate in multifunctionalgroups and projects, eagernessto meet demands of colleagues fromother units of the company, willingnessto exchange information,ability to work in teams.

Shared Results

Joint efforts in achieving visibleand meaningful results, a desire tosucceed accompanied by inescapable mutual assistance and cooperationof employees.

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    NIS in numbers

    Parameters proving our success



    Meet our management team members


    Mission, Vision and Values

    Fundamental principles which support our progress


    Code of Conduct

    The document which sets the ethical principles of NIS


    Our history

    Find out how it all started


    NIS Museum

    We preserve our rich past and tradition




    Decisions and Regulations