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Мain production and refining capacities of NIS company, as well as network of petrol stations and cogeneration modules are located all over the Republic of Serbia.

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European Union

NIS is the first company from Serbia to establish a representative office in Brussels. The office, opened in 2011, is part of NIS’s business strategy to reach the leading position in the oil and gas industry in the region and to apply European standards and state-of-the-art technologies in business operations. NIS representatives in Brussels monitor relevant EU directives and regulations pertaining to energy, reduction of harmful emissions, and environmental protection, while at the same time striving to provide full support to the Republic of Serbia's accession to the EU and related negotiations.



NIS has been operating in this country since 1980, whereas drilling for oil started five years later. At the moment, NIS is operating in two production blocks in Angola in a consortium with several international companies, including the Angolan national oil company Sonangol.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

In late 2010, NIS participated in the incorporation of Jadran-Naftagas, a company engaged in the exploration of hydrocarbons in the Republic of Srpska.

NIS carries out its sales and retail network development operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina via NIS Petrol d.o.o. Banja Luka and G Petrol Sarajevo. In 2012, the first petrol stations were put into operation in the Republic of Serbia and a year later, NIS took over OMV petrol stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the most robust networks in the market. The retail network of 37 petrol stations in total operates under two NIS brands: GAZPROM - the premium brand and NIS Petrol - the mass market brand.

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In this country, NIS has registered a subsidiary, NIS Petrol EOOD. In mid-2013, the first petrol station under the GAZPROM brand was opened in Bulgaria and now there are 35 retail sites in the retail network in this country. NIS Petrol has bought a storage facility in Kostinbrod near Sofia, thus paving the way for the development of the distribution of fuel from Serbia to its own retail sites, as well as for the commencement of wholesale operations.

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NIS Petrol SRL, a subsidiary of NIS in Romania, is involved in exploration and production, and retail network development across the country. In addition, NIS Petrol is registered for trading in electricity, which allows NIS to trade in electricity in the EU market. In Romania, which is part of the Pannonian Basin in geological terms, NIS and its partners have engaged in geological exploration in six blocks located in the highly productive region in the west of the country. NIS cooperates with four companies in Romania – Canadian East West Petroleum, Irish Moesia Oil and Gas, English Zeta Petroleum, and Romanian Armax Gaz. The GAZPROM petrol station network in Romania comprises 18 sites.

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One of the principal countries in terms of geological exploration in the Pannonian Basin. In this country, NIS is partnering with RAG (Austria) and carrying out work in an exploration block near the Serbian border.

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Russian Federation

The representative office of NIS in the Russian Federation deals with protocol, administrative and logistical support to NIS, as well as cooperation with Gazprom Neft.



The representative office of NIS in Croatia provides support to NIS, establishes business cooperation with potential partners, and keeps up to date with energy-related regulations and projects in this country.


The company is headquartered in the Republic of Serbia, where its main production facilities are also located. These include: oil and gas fields, Pančevo Oil Refinery, a network of storage facilities for oil, gas and petroleum products, and a network of retail sites. In accordance with our Long-Term Development Strategy, NIS began expansion of its core activities outside Serbia in 2010 and 2011. Subsidiaries have been incorporated in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania, and a Representative Office has been established in Brussels in support of Serbia’s EU integration. NIS also has representative offices in Russia, Croatia, and Angola.

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