NIS and EU


We monitor the development of the EU energy and climate policy

The standards and policies, directives, and laws based on which the EU creates a unique market and lays the foundations of the European Energy Union are the spiritus movens behind the construction and development of the business environment in which our company will continue to strengthen the leadership position in the oil industry of Serbia and the region. This is why we:

  • Monitor the accession negotiations between the Republic of Serbia and the European Union for the purposes of analytic support for this process and formulating company views on chapters affecting company business operations directly or indirectly.
  • Monitor the development of the EU energy and climate policy so that NIS, in step with new circumstances and challenges, could build its business strategy, position itself and plan the most optimal investment projects in the future.
  • Organize specialist workshops offering our employees and the interested public the possibility to learn more about current issues and debates in creating EU energy policies and the regulatory environment, which are important for regional business.

The EU’s good understanding of us is just as important as us having a good understanding of the EU aspirations. This is why we:



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