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NIS Petrol

In 2011, under the brand NIS Petrol, NIS launched a renewed concept for its petrol stations as part of a project aimed toward the modernization of the retail network.

A new visual identity retained the characteristics of the NIS Petrol brand, but this was modernized and enriched by the introduction of blue to the logo.

The objective of renewing the traditional brand of petrol stations is to strengthen NIS’s position on the national motor fuel retail market by developing our own widespread petrol station network, targeting the middle class and providing a guaranteed high quality of fuel and service.

This three-coloured commercial brand offers consumers reliability, accessibility, modern service standards and petroleum products of guaranteed high quality. The company is oriented toward urban drivers and those driving on international routes – NIS petrol stations are situated in accessible locations, both in cities and on highways.

In addition to Serbia, the NIS Petrol retail network also operates in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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GAZPROM is a new premium brand of petrol stations with modern conveniences, which offer top-class fuel, superb service, and a wide portfolio of high-quality products to their customers.

These petrol stations offer fuels of a guaranteed minimum Euro-5 standard, alongside top-quality oils, lubricants and other non-fuel products.

The facility layout provides for a shop, restaurant and café. In addition, customers can benefit from wireless internet, a car wash, and a children’s playground.

In addition to Serbia, GAZPROM operates petrol stations in Bulgaria, Romania, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. NIS provides the operational management of GAZPROM petrol station networks throughout the Balkan region.

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NIS produces an extensive portfolio of oils and lubricants under its NISOTEC brand.

As a point of strategy, a broad range of products was created in order for NISOTEC, which has established its position within the so-called B-brand of motor oils, to be able to respond to competition within the same category of products at each profit point and point of sale. The brand includes high-quality synthetic oils, and low-cost mineral oils aimed toward older engine types.

NISOTEC products have won more than 20 medals for quality to date, as well as the Champion’s Cup for exceptional quality at the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad. NIS keeps up with market changes and markets new, high-quality motor fuels that meet all the requirements of engine manufacturers.

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On the slopes of the Fruška Gora National Park in Vojvodina, in the vicinity of Jazak Monastery, a natural spring of the highest quality drinking water is found, from which Jazak water is produced. NIS j.s.c. has included Jazak water within its product range for over six years.

Jazak drinking water, drawn from Fruška Gora, has won a number of prizes at major fairs. It was awarded the “Zdrava Hrana” (Healthy Food) and “Najbolje iz Vojvodine” (Best of Vojvodina) prizes for its quality.

The Jazak drinking water plant is committed to the ongoing improvement of its technology, staffing and products. Physical-chemical and microbiological laboratories conduct quality control of the water, packaging and semi-finished products, as well as of the hygiene standards of technology, equipment and pipelines.

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G Drive

The new generation G-Drive 100 fuel is a higher quality fuel derived from the Euro-5 quality petroleum produced by Pančevo Oil Refinery, with additives that provide extra power and first-class engine protection. The premium G-Drive 100 improves the performance of a vehicle’s engine, increasing its power and acceleration dynamics. G-Drive 100 is manufactured according to the highest technological standards, in cooperation with leading fuel experts, and is sold exclusively within the Gazprom petrol station network.

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