Our Business

The main activities of our company are exploration, production and refining, and sales and distribution of a broad range of petroleum products, as well as the implementation of various energy projects.


NIS is imbued with time-honoured tradition and high-quality resources. It is the only company in Serbia to pursue oil and gas exploration, as well as geothermal energy production.

The company’s main production facilities are situated throughout the Republic of Serbia, which, owing to its geographical position, is the centre of trade and investment in the Balkans. In Serbia, NIS owns a refining compound with two units (in Pančevo and Novi Sad), which produce a wide range of petroleum products – from motor fuel and diesel fuel, through aviation fuel, to industrial lubricants and feedstock for the petrochemical industry. In 2012, NIS completed the first stage of the modernization of Pančevo Oil Refinery (RNP), enabling the transition to the production of European-quality fuel.

The sales structure consists of export and domestic wholesale deliveries of crude, gas and petroleum products, as well as retail sales of finished petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas and a range of related products. NIS owns the largest retail network in Serbia, which has been expanding across the region since 2012. NIS is represented upon the market by two retail brands – NIS Petrol and Gazprom.

NIS’s Energy Block has been established in line with the company’s development strategy, which focuses on the following specific key activities: the positioning of NIS as the leading energy company both in Serbia and in the region, an increase in the use of renewable energy sources, and electricity generation and distribution.

In this section:


    Exploration and Production

    Production of crude oil, gas and geothermal energy


    Crude refining

    From motor fuel and Diesel fuel to industrial lubricants and feedstock for petrochemical industry


    Oilfield Services

    Exploration and production services


    Sales and Distribution

    Wholesale and retail sales of crude oil, gas and petroleum products



    Production of energy and use of renewable energy


    Secondary businesses

    Non-core assets, hotels and production of drinking water


    Scientific and Technological Centre

    Support in all stages of exploration and production


    Business operations

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