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About project

Annually the power plant will produce about 1400 GW*h of electric power

The project involves construction of a cogeneration power station of combined steam-and-gas cycle with simultaneous production of electrical energy and process steam-type heat energy. At the moment, this technology is the most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly and cost effective solution for utilization of natural gas as fuel that provides the highest fuel power efficiency and thus low fuel consumption per net energy unit.

The main purpose of plant is to meet the growing need of the Pancevo Refinery in power and process steam. Moreover, the combined-cycle plant will contribute to boosting the power supply reliability supplying up to 65 % of the produced power to Serbia’s power system.

Combined Cycle Power Plant


The main body accommodating gas turbines, waste-heat boilers and steam-turbine plant, as well as auxiliary equipment.


Other plant components include ancillary facilities such as cooling system with cooling towers and pump station, compressor station assuring the required pressure of natural gas, transformer blocks and distribution high-voltage electric-gas device, medium- and low-voltage installations, administrative premises, major equipment control room, chemical laboratory for express tests and other facilities.

Aleksandr Varnavskiy

General Director of the Pancevo CCPP

The construction of the Pancevo CCPP is a capital project that is of great importance not only for Gazprom Energy Holding and NIS, but also for the town of Pancevo and ultimately for the entire country, as it will greatly improve the reliability of power supply. This is the largest energy project implemented in Serbia in the last 20 years. We take special pride in the fact that the new power plant is a product of fruitful cooperation between Serbian and Russian companies, which once again illustrates the excellent relationship between the two countries.



Gazprom Energoholding LLC

„Gazprom Energoholding LLC is a vertically integrated holding (a 100% owned subsidiary of PJSC Gazprom), which runs generating companies of Gazprom Group dealing with electric power generation (it owns control block of shares of PJSC “Mosenergo” PJSC “TGK-1”, PJSC “OGK-2” and PJSC “MOEK”) based on harmonized corporate standard. Generating companies of the Group own and manage more than 80 power plants with total installed capacity of about 38 GW/h (with corresponding heating power of over 70 thousand Gcal/h). Power plants of the group include, but are not limited to, power supply and heat supply of Moscow, St. Petersburg and some other economically advanced regions of Russia.

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NIS a.o. Novi Sad

NIS a.o. Novi Sad is one of the largest vertically integrated fuel and energy companies in South-East Europe. Its main focus is oil and gas prospecting, production and processing, sales of petroleum products and implementation of petrochemical and power generation projects. Headquarters of the company is located in Novi Sad, with production facilities scattered all over Serbia, which is a commercial and investment center of the Balkans, due to its geographical position. In Serbia, the company owns two oil refining complexes, in Novi Sad and in Pančevo, and LPG production facility, a network of fuel filling stations in Serbia and neighboring countries. In line with its strategy, i.e. to become a leader in South-East Europe, NIS has expanded its business in the regional market, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

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NIS a.o.
Novi Sad




An agreement was signed to establish a company called “Serbskaya Generaciya LLC Novi Sad” to implement the project of Pančevo combined cycle power plant construction


A construction contract was signed by “TE TO Pančevo” and Chinese “Shanghai Electric Group”


A construction start at Pančevo combined cycle power plant site


Planned completion of construction and commissioning of the first Train at Pančevo combined cycle power plant



Aleksandar Varnavski

Alexander Varnavskiy

Project Manager

A person in charge of commercial and technical issues

Sergej Pjanov

Sergey Pianov

Construction Manager

A person in charge of construction issues on site

Nenad V. Pavlović

Nenad V. Pavlovich

Project Technical Manager

A person in charge of technical issues

Boško Mirkov

Boshko Mirkov

Project Commercial Manager

A person in charge of commercial issues



TE-TO Pančevo

We pay special attention to management, with a responsible attitude to the environment and the community in accordance with national and international legislation; we are committed to recognized worldwide standards for health, safety and environmental protection as well as community impact.

The concepts that we follow:

Prevention of pollution and protection of the environment by minimizing the negative impact during the life cycle of the project;

A committed and sustainable management of construction and activities;

Ensuring safe and healthy workplace conditions for employees, contractors and others to prevent work-related injuries or deterioration in health, including, inter alia, establishing roles and responsibilities in the HSE area, measures to prevent or minimize risks of occupational injuries and deterioration of health, providing information, training and education, as well as investigation of all incidents;

Contact information

“TE TO Pančevo” d.o.o. Pančevo Milos Obrenovic street 8, 26000, Pančevo, Serbia