Exploration and Production

NIS is the only company in Serbia dealing with the exploration and production of crude oil and gas, as well as with the production of geothermal energy. The majority of NIS oilfields are located on the territory of Serbia, but the Company has business operations in Serbia, as well as in the region: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary and Romania.



Geological explorations

Geological explorations of oil and gas in Serbia have been conducted for more than 60 years, and more than 2,240 exploratory, outpost and development wells for oil and gas and 75 hydrothermal wells have been drilled. As many as 63 oil and gas fields have been discovered with 271 defined reservoirs.

Geological explorations performed in Serbia and regional countries are in line with the adopted 2011-2020 Strategy of Geological Research. Pursuant to this document, an increase in oil and gas production has been planned, as well as an increase in the reserves of energy-generating products.



Production consists of the processes of production, collection, preparation and transportation of oil, natural gas and geothermal water, along with the preventive and intervention maintenance of the systems and accompanying infrastructure.

The annual output of oil and gas amounts to 1,577 thousand t.o.e. (data for 2015).

The Company follows the trend of resource base development resulting in the increase of oil and gas output. NIS has 666 oil wells exploited. The main oil fields are as follows: Velebit, Kikinda, Mokrin, Rusanda, Elemir, Kikinda-Varoš, Turija Server. The wells are completed using the equipment of world-renowned manufacturers. Part of equipment installed in bottom-hole pumps for oil wells has been designed and manufactured by our Company. Wells in operation are monitored and controlled by the application of up-to-date methods and equipment.

Natural gas is extracted from 78 wells. The main gas fields are as follows: Međa, Martonoš, Itebej, Torda Plitko, Miloševo.

Geothermal water production capacities at the following locations: Kanjiža, Junaković, Bečej, Mokrin, Palić, Melenci, Kikinda, Banatsko Veliko Selo, Kula, Temerin.

Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) is produced in the Oil and Gas Preparation and Transportation Unit in Elemir. The annual installed capacity of the unit is 63,000 tons of liquid petroleum gas and gasoline.


Application of latest technologies

With an aim of improving the efficiency in the field of exploration and production and, accordingly, increase the hydrocarbon output, NIS continuously follows global trends and applies latest technologies.

Several years ago, NIS set up the Science and Technology Centre (STC), focusing on the technological development of production, thus providing an edge over competitors.

In early 2014, NIS completed its well automation project at the majority of production wells. We are talking about introduction of the automated systems for the control of technological processes (ASUTP), in order to achieve an effective production process management, improve measuring accuracy of oil and gas output, reduce production costs, improve environmental safety – all the aforesaid enabled from a single location – the Central Engineering and Technical Centre (CETC) of “Exploration and Production”.

The new operating system enables the major part of production management from the dispatch centers, feeding all information on production process into a unique database, and, accordingly, enabling complete process monitoring and well data interpretation (production, pressure, temperature, etc.), as well as an automated measuring of stocks and oil dispatch at key facilities of all production units.

One of the latest investments includes Amine Unit construction as part of the production complex of the Oil and Gas Preparation and Transportation Unit in Elemir.

Operation of the Amine Unit will enable reduction of CO₂ in gas produced by NIS, up to the level of 3 per cent, which is in compliance with technical requirements for its utilization in the national gas distribution network in Serbia. In this manner, NIS will be able to increase the volumes of natural gas placed on the Serbian market, and, consequently, the revenues generated from this line of business. CO₂, which is stripped in the technological process, will be disposed of in previously prepared wells owned by the Company, thus preventing its release into the atmosphere.

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