Oilfield Services

NIS has its own service capacities which fully meet the Company’s needs and can render services to third parties. NIS provides services through its subsidiaries NAFTAGAS Oilfield Services, NAFTAGAS Technical Services and NAFTAGAS Transport.


Ensuring the highest quality of services, increasing technical and technological efficiency and boosting the workload in NIS and other companies are Oilfield Services’ prioritizes. The objective of Oilfield Services is to increase its presence in the region and the international market.

NAFTAGAS Oilfield Services is involved in the following activities in the field of exploration and production of oil and gas:

  • Geophysical exploration – seismic, gravimetric, electromagnetic and geo-electric surveying methods;
  • Drilling, equipping and repair of oil, gas and hydrothermal wells;
  • Special operations and measuring for oil, gas and water on wells – special operations (slickline tools, flexible tubing, nitrogen units), well logging and hydrodynamic measurements, cementing, stimulations and testing

NAFTAGAS Technical Services provides the services of maintenance and repair of facilities and equipment, pipeline construction, installation of technological oil and gas systems, preparatory construction works for drilling and workover. Tehnički Servisi covers the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering and certified testing and inspection.

NAFTAGAS-Transport has a great number of road transportation vehicles and nearly 5,000 drivers who who cover high mileage on a daily basis under most various exploitation conditions.

Oilfield Services have all the necessary equipment, plants and transportation vehicles to successfully carry out the above duties.

Application of latest technologies

To enable technological improvement in “Services”, NIS purchases new workover rigs, drilling and other equipment.

New drilling rig “K-1” was started up in February 2014 at “Turija Sever” oil field. This new unit, approximately seven million euro worth, is the reflection of the cutting-edge technological trends. The unit incorporates an integrated design of mechanical, electrical and digital systems and exploits the advanced, approved technology of safe wellbore drilling operations, provided a suitable and adequate transport and the capacity to meet the highest HSE standards. Procurement of another drilling rig from the same manufacturer is underway.

Equipment modernization in “Services” has had a positive effect from the aspect of environmental protection. Four drilling rigs are equipped with ancillary equipment for drilling fluid filtration, which completely prevents soil contamination, i.e. excludes occurrence of waste pits for disposal of mud (fluid used in the drilling process).

The new workover rigs in “Services” are equipped in line with the highest standards of occupational safety. In addition to the electronic devices which control derrick levelling, wind velocity, and load limiting, they enable a remote derrick lifting command and other equipment which facilitates the crew’s operations. The unit is furnished with an engine of new generation with a reduced exhaust gas emission. Procurement of the new workover units has resulted in cost reduction of “Workover” Production Unit and efficiency increase as well.

The new equipment of Services includes wireline tools, new equipment for the acquisition of geophysical data and the Top Drive system. Wireline tools are used in operations in oil and gas wells. The unit purchased is a new generation one, which improves business operations and reduces the work performance time. Compared to the existing equipment, it also has a feature of electronic tracking and storing data relating to well operations performed. The Top Drive is an integrated system for the rotation of drilling tubulars and circulation of fluids in the course of drilling. The greatest advantage in using the system is the possibility of manoeuvring drilling tubulars at continuous rotation and circulation, and of expanding the wellbore when the tubulars are pulled out, which considerably decreases the possibility of drilling tubulars getting stuck.

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    Exploration and Production

    Production of crude oil, gas and geothermal energy


    Crude refining

    From motor fuel and Diesel fuel to industrial lubricants and feedstock for petrochemical industry


    Oilfield Services

    Exploration and production services


    Sales and Distribution

    Wholesale and retail sales of crude oil, gas and petroleum products



    Production of energy and use of renewable energy


    Secondary businesses

    Non-core assets, hotels and production of drinking water


    Scientific and Technological Centre

    Support in all stages of exploration and production


    Business operations

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