Sales and Distribution

The sales structure consists of export and domestic wholesale deliveries of crude, gas and petroleum products, as well as retail sales of finished petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas and a series of related products.

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Retail network

NIS owns the largest petrol station network in Serbia, which has been expanding across the region (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Romania) since 2012.

In line with the company’s overall retail network modernization within Serbia and its regional growth strategy, NIS is represented in the market by two retail brands – NIS Petrol and Gazprom.

The NIS Petrol brand offers consumers reliability, availability, a modern standard of service and guaranteed quality petroleum products. NIS Petrol stations form the largest network in Serbia. Apart from Serbia, the NIS Petrol network also operates in the Republic of Srpska.

With the aim of increasing work efficiency and the retail market share in Serbia and the region, in late 2012 NIS launched a premium petrol station brand – Gazprom. Gazprom brand facilities offer European standard petrol, high quality oils and lubricants and other products, along with Wi-Fi and a rich restaurant menu including regional cuisine. Today the Gazprom network in Serbia has 16 petrol stations, with 18 in Romania, 35 in Bulgaria, and 27 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All new and renovated petrol stations have modern multifunctional petrol pumps which offer our consumers European quality petroleum products – Euro Premium BMB95 and BMB98, Euro Diesel, and LPG. The facilities are open 24/7. They have shops with a wide range of products and also include coffee shops or restaurants with internet access, spacious parking lots, playgrounds, and access routes for wheelchair users.


NIS guarantees a reliable fuel supply in the Pan-European Corridor VII: The Danube Waterway to all interested shipping companies.

Current facilities include four modern, fully equipped bunker stations, intended for fuel supplying foreign and local transit fleets, positioned to extremely favourable strategic locations on the Danube – in Novi Sad, Veliko Gradište, Smederevo and in Prahovo. The modern bunker station Smederevo is intended solely for supplying local vessels operating on inland navigable waterways of the Republic of Serbia with motor fuel.

Given the substantial needs of domestic shipping companies, as well as foreign fleets in transit, the Bunkering Sector promotes a development plan implying the expansion of the existing network.

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Aviation Fuel

NIS is the leading supplier of airline companies with jet fuel and aviation fuel in Serbia. One sales channel is the supply of two international airports, in Belgrade and in Niš, the other being the supply of regional markets, primarily Romania and Hungary.

Jet fuel for most aircraft, passenger and cargo aircraft, is produced in substantial quantities at the NIS refining facilities. NIS also offers aviation gasoline, which is imported and used mainly for agriculture, school and business aviation.

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The Company has its own network of petroleum product warehouses in Serbia, as well as a modern vehicle pool for transport of petroleum products.

The total storage capacity of NIS in warehouses and depots is 200,000 m³. Reconstruction and construction of tanks with the total capacity of 100,000 m³ are currently under way.

The central NIS petroleum product warehouses are located in Belgrade, Niš, Prahovo,  Smederevo, and Novi Sad, alongside the depots in Jakovo, Čačak, Šabac, and Elemir. In addition to the above warehouses, NIS rents the warehouse in Požega as well.

NIS owns LPG storage facilities with a total capacity of 31,500 m³ in Belgrade, Čačak, Novi Sad, Niš, Šabac, Zrenjanin, and Subotica.

The warehouses and depots are strategically located, and supported by high-quality infrastructure. This allows unhindered market supply throughout the Republic of Serbia and petroleum product exports into the region.

Petroleum products are received and dispatched using all types of internal transport – by road, rail, and waterway. LPG is received and dispatched by road and rail.

In addition to storage facilities, NIS has gas bottling plants in Belgrade, Čačak, Niš, Novi Sad, and Subotica, with a total annual capacity of 17,500 tonnes.

NIS car fleet has around 600 vehicles for petroleum products transportation, including tank trucks with the capacity of 8 to 48 tons, railway tanks with the capacity of 62, 65, 75 and 77 tons, jet fuel tanks, as well as tanks for black products transportation.

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