Secondary businesses

NIS’ secondary business activities include sales of real estate, hospitality services, as well as production and sale of Jazak drinking water.


Non-Core Assets

The portfolio of the Department for Non-Core Assets includes garages, commercial and business premises, buildings, depots, and apartments, distributed all over Serbia.

The Company has the Department for Non-Core Assets which performs sales of NIS j.s.c. real estate.

Preparation for alienation is a complex business, focused on resolution of property ownership issues, in cooperation with many other departments which operate within our Company, and assessment of real estate and full preparation for sale.


  • Management of unneeded non-core assets.
  • Establishing and removing from corporate organizational units the unneeded non-core assets.
  • Alienation of unneeded non-core assets.
  • Disposal of stocks and shares in non-core business entities.

An overview of facilities currently on sale can be found on NIS’ corporate website.

Contact of the Department for Non-Core Assets:  +381 21 481 3192,

 Jazak water

On the slopes of the Fruška Gora National Park in Vojvodina, in the vicinity of the Jazak Monastery, a natural spring of the highest-quality drinking water is found from which Jazak water is made. NIS j.s.c. has had Jazak water on offer for more than six years now.

Jazak drinking water, drawn from Fruška Gora, has won a number of prizes at major fairs. It was given the quality awards “Zdrava Hrana” (Healthy Food) and “Najbolje iz Vojvodine” (Vojvodina’s Best). It is optimally mineralized, with a broad range of macro and micro elements, a balanced ratio of minerals and salts, and is free of heavy metals. This makes Jazak particularly suitable for heart patients, as its chemical composition matches that of blood plasma.

The Jazak drinking water plant continually works on improving its technology, staff, and products. Physical-chemical and microbiological laboratories conduct quality control of the water, packaging, semi-finished products, and hygiene standards for technological equipment and pipelines.

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O Zone

The company “O Zone” is 100 per cent owned by Naftna Industrija Srbije, and is engaged in the hotel and catering businesses, services and tourism. The company was incorporated in October 2005 under the name “NIS Hospitality and Tourism” and renamed “O Zone” in 2007. All of NIS’s hotel and catering facilities now belong to “O Zone”.

The company owns and manages hotels, resorts and restaurants in Vojvodina, Central Serbia and Montenegro.


In this section:


    Exploration and Production

    Production of crude oil, gas and geothermal energy


    Crude refining

    From motor fuel and Diesel fuel to industrial lubricants and feedstock for petrochemical industry


    Oilfield Services

    Exploration and production services


    Sales and Distribution

    Wholesale and retail sales of crude oil, gas and petroleum products



    Production of energy and use of renewable energy


    Secondary businesses

    Non-core assets, hotels and production of drinking water


    Scientific and Technological Centre

    Support in all stages of exploration and production


    Business operations

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