I Have an Idea

Seeking to boost its operational efficiency NIS launched “I HAVE AN IDEA”, an incentive programme encouraging the staff members to come forward with ideas they think would bring about better company operation.


Any staff member may come forward with a suggestion as to how to improve efficiency in corporate operations, pursuing new business deals, introduction of novel technologies and streamlining competitiveness.

Being plagued by economic crisis, companies are compelled to tap into whatever resources they can find from within, in other words to boost its operational efficiency. Staffers are pivotal in this process, as their proactive attitude is highly instrumental in streamlining the working process.

Being well aware of all this, in 2014, NIS introduced an incentive programme dubbed “I have an idea”, which encourages company’s personnel to suggest novel ideas to facilitate corporate efficiency, and benefit from the program themselves. In essence, this initiative makes an appeal to employees to be innovative in their work place and find ways to upgrade working processes. This programme provides monetary awards for implementation of feasible ideas, active involvement of executives and fast track evaluation and development, which is the most important stage in the implementation of ideas.

Ideas put forward by staffers are suggestions ensuing proactive boost of efficiency of operations and commercial processes, NIS competitiveness and sustainability across the board, aimed at reaching strategic goals, and are related to the business processes in the company. The majority of ideas concern daily operation of their proponents, suggesting that staffers consider that their workplace practices are the very ones leaving lot to be desired. The programme’s outcome so far has demonstrated that ideas suggested by staffers related to their domain of work bring significant savings to the Company and tangible results.

Since the outset of the programme more than 1200 ideas have been proposed with a view to make company operations more efficient.


Miloš Aleksić

a processing engineer at Exploration and Production:

– I am on staff in the Processing Department assessing wellbore operations. In other words, my job is at the heart of oil processing industry. I contributed to the “I have an idea” programme by proposing a project that was subsequently applied to our wellbores and I’m happy to have ensured greater efficiency and savings in operations in this way, which facilitated Company operations upgrade, which is the objective of the programme.


Boban Gucu

manager at the petrol station:

– Since the outset of the implementation of this programme I had initiated several ideas, two of them eventually becoming eligible for application. The first one is related to HSE, specifically the safe grass mowing around the corporate premises, another was about the introduction of time lines on the in-house Portal, aimed at facilitating the procedure of entering working hours done by staffers. The “I have an idea” programme is unique in so far as it gives an opportunity to the employees to participate in it in a very simple way, and make contribution to the corporate business upgrade.


Marko Galić

an expert-coordinator in charge of automation of refuelling stations operated by “Sales and Distribution”:

– The essence of the idea “Automation of Fuel Level Measurement Instruments, which had been accepted and put into practice, is that the employment of this system automates refuelling stations operations and makes them faster. This is achieved by an automatic feed of readings from the fuel measurement instruments to the information system, without any additional expenditure that we had incurred so far. As our company deals with technical innovations and retail automation, this idea struck my mind while I looked into the world trends and achievements in oil processing industries. I also sifted through a great deal of technical documentations related to fuel level measurement instruments, their upgrade, as well as ways to reduce company’s expenditure.

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