NIS Chance

By implementing NIS CHANCE Program, NIS cherishes the youth employment tradition incepted in 2010 when the Republic of Serbia launched the very first “First Chance” program.


More than 660 candidates have been employed through NIS Chance Program.

In 2012, this program yielded NIS CHANCE program that is tailored to our needs and implemented in cooperation with the partners – Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and local self-government units. Employing young people who have just completed the secondary school or graduated from a university and who have no professional experience targets to build up professional staff, ensuring a long-term development of the Company.

Since then, more than 660 candidates have been employed through NIS Chance Program. Our employees come from 20 different cities, 17 different university courses and more than 10 callings acquired upon completion of secondary schools of polytechnics.

The fact of which we are particularly proud is that more than 80 per cent of candidates have found their place in our team.

Information regarding the forthcoming phase of the program will be timely announced on our website.

Nikola Šamšal

HR Process Development and Optimisation Coordinator, Organisational Affairs

NIS Chance Program as an introduction to the corporate environment with adequate mentoring provides required experience and equips us with the skills necessary to respond to all business tasks. Given the complexity of the Company and in-house processes, I believe that this program is the best way to enter the professional world.

Jovana Mihajlov

Laboratory Engineer Naftagas – Naftni servisi d.o.o. Novi Sad

NIS Chance Program provides first-time employees a wealth of new knowledge. During 12 months, first-time employees acquire the basic knowledge for further development. By participating in this program, I have gained new experiences and skills that will benefit me in my later work. I must mention that I have had the good fortune of cooperating with the persons who possess huge experience and are willing to share it unconditionally. I am very grateful for being given a new chance within the NIS Chance Program.

Tomislav Kolarić

Junior Engineer for Automation, Metrology and Regulation, Exploration and Production

Switching from research work on PhD studies at the Faculty of Technical Sciences to a work environment at NIS made it possible for me to gain my first working experience beyond educational institutions in a large company with a modern approach to projects and in international surroundings. I find this experience really valuable because of the projects implemented and the possibility of constant personal and professional advancement. The NIS Chance programme is perfectly designed as it provides us with an opportunity to gain knowledge in different areas of petroleum industry, gradually introducing us to the system at NIS. Upon completion of the programme, I was prepared for a bigger responsibility and I had sufficient experience to engage in further project work.

Jovica Živanović

Coordinator for Organisational Design, Organisational Affairs

I heard of the NIS Chance programme from my professors and fellow students who had already worked at NIS as part of the programme. It made it possible for me to gain and develop my professional skills at one of the biggest and also most successful companies both in Serbia and in the region. Within a year, which is the duration of the programme, I had an opportunity to get acquainted with a number of different activities and processes carried out in a system as complex as this one, and also to work in an exceptional team, which definitely helped me in my further professional development. One of the key programme benefits for me personally is the fact that I was able to directly check and practically apply a great deal of the theoretical knowledge gained at university.

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