Our people

Employee know-how and motivation are key for the success and operational efficiency of our company. We are proud to have top professionals with us, ready and willing to take on every assignment, even the most demanding ones, and approach them with responsibility and expertise. Our colleagues are true team players who work together towards outstanding results.


job can be improved upon, and I always ask myself this question – can this work better?

Goran joined the Pančevo Oil Refinery 17 years ago. He started as a distiller and now he is an outdoor operator. Over the past few years he has put forward several useful suggestions and ideas on how to improve the refining process. Of these, three have been implemented and they bring in savings in the tens of thousands of euros.

– Refinery production is an excellent field for innovative work. I’m glad that as a company we started the programme “I Have An Idea”* with an expanded set of incentives for all employees. It’s a good thing that an attractive material stimulation is available for those whose ideas will be put into actual use. All my suggestions so far are aimed at improvement and savings in the refining process.


Milena Dunčić

head specialist for analytics and geological interpretation, Exploration and Production

– Good teamwork is essential in successfully completing any task. Each team member contributes to a professionally completed job in their own way. The NIS-Naftagas Science and Technology Centre offers many opportunities for professional development in various areas of geology within the framework of geological and oil exploration – well-organized programmes, courses, training sessions, seminars or conferences. You only have to find ways to best balance the time you need for professional development and the job at hand and you will get even better results.


Mladen Ujvari

lead engineer, mechanical engineering inspection team, Refining

– In order to be successful at what we do, we need specific expertise, a strong drive, and professionalism. The company invests a lot in employee development. A great number of professional and organizational training programmes are available for those who want to develop professionally. We have strong staff in Refining, and demanding tasks can only be completed through their exceptional efforts and teamwork.


Marina Petrović

attendant at the Ražanj petrol station, Sales and Distribution

– Keeping an open mind to new knowledge, the highest regard for Company business rules, as well as personal responsibility, all play an important role in achieving business success. Successful Company operations should be the goal for each and every employee. I was very fortunate to start working in an environment where good workplace relations are cherished and in which co-workers show patience and  understanding during the newcomers’ training. Working at a petrol station is not individual-oriented but rather team-based. The trainings that are on offer also give us more opportunities for professional development. As a result, progress and positive results are encouraged and supported by the managers.


Duško Sladojević

specialist engineer, Energy

– The many overtime hours put in during the construction and commissioning of new facilities can be a strain, but when a facility “goes live” and we get good-quality products, you forget all the difficulties, and what’s left is a sense of contentment over the achievements and over the fact that you are part of a company that offers you the opportunities to master new technologies and affirm your personal qualities. It is us, individuals, who ought to utilize everything on offer at this Company, and march on along the path of our professional development. The opportunities for gaining new knowledge are still there. It is up to us to make good use of them!”


Mia Ješić

specialist for cooperation with educational institutions, Organizational Affairs

– I believe that you can achieve your full potential if you systematically work on personal improvement. Such a mission can be accomplished only if a person is wise enough to spot the right opportunities, and brave enough to take them. I’m grateful to our Company for offering us such opportunities.

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