Responsibility to Employees

The NIS employees are provided with a high level of social protection which is regulated by the Collective Agreement.


The Company is committed to safety of its employees and high-quality work conditions.

The NIS Collective Agreement complies with all requirements of the Serbian Labour Law and a modern labour market. Apart from the rights guaranteed by the Law this document also provides for additional social benefits for the Company employees in accordance with the modern international standards: additional insurance, inpatient and outpatient treatment, grants, awards, gifts, solidary and financial support.

Trade unions

NIS as a socially responsible company supports the freedom of association and collective negotiations so that the representative trade unions are the key social partners to the management.

Representative trade unions participate in development of general acts which regulate issues in the area of occupational safety and health and address the housing needs of the employees. It is also quite important that the agreements with the trade unions cover the issues related to occupational safety and health, and the trade unions themselves participate also in solving the issues pertaining to PPE, complaints submission procedure, the right to refuse performance of hazardous works, defining the budget for occupational safety training as well as carrying out regular inspections.

Employees Safety and Health

Safety and health of all NIS employees represent the priority for the Company. The approach to the safe work defines that the main carriers of basic HSE measures are the employees themselves and managers of all levels.

Each NIS employee is obliged to receive the induction training in the area of occupational safety and health and mandatory fire safety training. Also, depending on the position, it is necessary to receive a specific professional training. Constant increase of the safety level and regular monitoring of the employees’ health condition is also ensured by means of regular check-ups and constant health control of the employees working at the positions with special conditions.

The advantages of application of the management system in the area of the industrial safety,
occupational safety and health and environmental protection are reflected in decrease of the number of incidents and injuries.

Safety measures at NIS Petrol stations

NIS Company pays special attention to safety of its employees and customers at petrol stations. All petrol stations are equipped with video surveillance and alarm systems, as well as with special tills that enable petrol stations to keep only minimum of cash in their premises. This entire system is connected with two Monitoring Centers, one in Novi Sad and one in Belgrade, so that it makes possible the permanent monitoring of situation in our facilities. Since 2008 until now, this has contributed to the fact that the number of criminal offenses committed at NIS petrol stations is constant decrease – from 79 of robberies recorded in 2008

All the employees at petrol stations have been trained in emergency procedures in cases of burglary and robbery, and after their training, there have been checks and tests of learned and implemented procedures. Staff at NIS petrol stations is also informed through the brochure titled “Armed Robbery”, which contains 10 most important procedures that the staff has to adhere to in case of burglary and armed robbery.

One of the most important recommendations from the brochure is related to refraining from resistance to offenders, especially to armed persons, and contains conclusion that life is most important. It is stated that employees should be cooperative; they should fulfill robbers’ requests, avoid to provoke and irritate perpetrators of criminal offense, because thus they may put at risk their own safety, and also the safety of their colleagues and customers.

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    Responsibility towards Employees

    The NIS employees are provided with a high level of social protection


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