Corporate University

NIS Corporate University is a system of continuous learning, improvement of managerial and leadership skills and career development of all employees in accordance with world standards.


TThe content of each training is the result of cooperation with renowned business schools from the country and the region, training and development partners and leading lecturers determined by the provider.

This approach achieves numerous benefits such as jointly designed trainings according to the needs of the Company, specific programs for each level in the organization, the introduction of recognized training methodologies, certificates.

Blended Learning approach, which besides classical in class training involves the use of modern tools and methodologies such as e-learning, workshops, sessions and business simulations, ensures complete adaptation of development activities to the real needs of employees.

Introductory training for new employees

Every new employee at the beginning of his/her work engagement participates in various activities aimed at getting integrated into a new work environment (“onboarding”).

Through introductory training, new employees are introduced to the business processes, organizational units of the Company, as well as data in order to adapt to future work more easily.

Following contemporary world trends, part of this introductory training is an educational film, “Welcome to NIS”, which enables employees to get acquainted with the Company from their workplace.

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