How should I make a request for sponsorship and donation?

The Committee for Sponsorships and Donations was established in the Company and it meets four times a year. It is composed of the representatives of the major organizational units of the Company. The functions of the Committee include planning and control of the implementation of the program of socio-economic cooperation with cities and municipalities in Serbia, review and approval of sponsorship and donation projects, control of spending and analysis of results. All beneficiaries who will use funds for their projects enter into agreements on sponsorship and donation with the Company, which clearly specifies the rights and obligations of the Parties as well as the responsibility of the beneficiary to submit the Report on Utilization of Special Purpose Funds approved under the agreement to the Company. More detailed information on application requirements, as well as the form for application submission may be downloaded here.

How to apply for a job in NIS j.s.c.?

More information on active job competitions in NIS may be found on NIS website, page Career, and if you want that we keep your CV in our database, please log in here.

What can shares be used for?

All NIS shares are ordinary shares which give the same rights to their holders regardless of whether the shareholder acquired shares as an employee, former employee, as a citizen or a person who has inherited such shares, received them as a gift or purchased them on the Stock Exchange. Among other things, shares give a shareholder the right to participate in the distribution of profit that the company has generated in the form of a dividend, if the NIS Shareholders Assembly’ adopts such a decision. Also, a shareholder may opt to sell shares, give them as a gift, pledge them and shares may also be inherited as property of a deceased person.

How can I buy or sell NIS shares?

The purchase or sale of shares on Belgrade Stock Exchange is carried out by stock exchange members i.e., broker-dealer companies or authorized banks.

At which price are NIS shares are sold?

Shares are sold and purchased at market value determined by the Stock Exchange and it depends on the balance of supply and demand. The market price of shares is available on NIS corporate website and Belgrade Stock Exchange website, as well as in "Politika" daily newspapers.

What is the price of NIS shares affected?

The share price is determined at the stock exchange market and depends on the balance of supply and demand. NIS does not participate in defining market prices of shares, but prices are formed by clients and sellers by determining the amount at which they are willing to buy or sell shares. Due to that, the price of shares changes on daily basis.

Who should I contact if I have comments or complaints regarding the operation of petrol stations?

For further information and for your suggestions and complaints, please contact the NISInfo Centre, which is functional 24 hours a day: 08 0000 8888.

How should I find the nearest petrol station?

Information on all NIS Petrol fuelling stations (location, hours of operation, services, GPS coordinates) can be found here. Information on Gazprom petrol stations in Serbia can be found here. For more information on Gazprom petrol stations in Bulgaria, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina please visit http://www.gazprom-petrol.rs/ and select a desired country from the menu.

How should one become the owner of a fuel card?

“NIS Gazprom Neft Fuel Card” is used in all NIS Petrol fuelling stations for purchasing petroleum products, oils and lubricants, as well as for purchasing other accompanying goods. It is user-friendly, it ensures fast and safe supply with petroleum products, it ensures the control of fuel supply and consumption and it provides the possibility of deferred payment. For more information on benefits, use and method of acquisition, please visit the NIS Petrol website.

Why are prices of petroleum products different in certain petrol stations?

Fuel prices in NIS petrol stations are formed in accordance with the requirements of a certain part of the market. The system of differentiated prices is not a novelty in Serbia. It is applied by majority of oil companies doing business in the local petroleum products market. Flexible prices in NIS petrol stations are only one of the steps in implementing the corporate strategy of market development.



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