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NIS kalendar

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Irena Gajić

We believe that investing in education is the best way to invest in the future, and that young educated people are the driving force for development of any country. In our wish to help improve the quality of education in Serbia and to provide the students of all levels of education with modern schooling conditions, we have so far invested more than EUR 5.5 million in the Serbian education system.

In 2012, we launched the Energy of Knowledge programme, which enabled us to collaborate with the leading domestic and international education and scientific institutions, award scholarships to top students, support students who represent our country at international competitions in physics, maths, and chemistry.

We have refurbished and equipped more than 60 classrooms and labs at faculties and schools across Serbia.

We awarded scholarships to over 100 students at faculties in Serbia and the Russian Federation, and some of them are already NIS’ employees, playing an important role in our company’s development. As a result of our efforts, NIS became the first company in Serbia to win the St Sava Award given by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

This award will serve as an additional motivation for us to keep investing in the Serbian educational system. In addition to our regular investments in education infrastructure, promotion of science and talented students of all levels of education, our investments in the upcoming period will focus on school safety and curriculum digitalisation to help our country turn the challenges that come with the rapid advancement of technology into an opportunity to develop. We will invest almost a million more euros to this end

Sustainable Development Goals

The 12 selected objectives, formulated by the UN, that we are striving to attain, are represented in the young artists’ illustrations.

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