Philanthropy and Volunteering

We consider philanthropic and volunteer activities of NIS employees one of the crucial segments of socially responsible business, which we cherish with the utmost care and devotion.

Being focused on improving the life quality in local communities, we build trust, we make the existing partnerships stronger, and we develop new relationships based on friendship and mutual solidarity.


Through various corporate projects and programmes, we help our employees develop empathy, a sense of belonging, mutual responsibility, and initiative in improving key areas and socially important issues. Our philanthropic activities in 2019 focused on children and helping institutions dealing with children’s health care, while bearing in mind other sustainable development goals that make our company the role model in Serbia when it comes to good practice.

The traditional initiative held on the Company Day provides our employees with an opportunity to donate funds, which are then doubled by the company, so that the amount can make a significant contribution to the improvement of working and living conditions in the institutions which are in the greatest need for help. In 2019, we made a donation to the SOS Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica, which was invested in renovation and improvement of conditions in children’s accommodation. The charity souvenir sale at the corporate New Year’s party is organised for this same purpose. The raised funds are given to associations providing help to children and vulnerable social groups, such as the “Star” Centre, “Child’s Heart”, and many more.


As part of the socially responsible business, in 2018, the NIS Volunteer Club was established, and it currently comprises more than 500 members, actively participating in the process of planning, developing, and conducting numerous volunteer actions. The initiative for taking part in the actions comes from different organisational blocks within the company and they are mostly focused on providing help and support to children and the young in socially vulnerable groups, but also on the environmental protection.

In 2019, owing to the company competition for the employees named “Improve! Teach! Spread Joy!”, which is unique in terms of the concept and organisation, we won a National Volunteering Award in the Stride of the Year category, which is traditionally awarded by the Responsible Business Forum and Smart Kolektiv. What makes this competition special is that the volunteers have the chance to independently, as project leaders, recognise the need for an action, develop the concept and organisation, create teams, and carry out a volunteer action. At the end of the competition, top five actions were selected and implemented by the end of the year. Volunteers renovated the interior of a nursery school in Sefkerin, the garden of the “Altruist” Association of Persons with Developmental Delay in Žabalj, and painted the fence around the “Milan Petrović” School in Novi Sad. They also attended the creative workshop, while spending time with young people in the Association of Persons with Down Syndrome in the “Zvuci Srca” café in Belgrade, and decorated and painted part of the interior of the “Rade Drainac” Elementary School in Belgrade.

Implementation of the “Improve! Teach! Spread Joy!“ competition is just part of this years’ volunteer projects, within which the employees donated more than 1700 hours of volunteering, exchanged knowledge, skills and experiences in order to improve the quality of life in the community.

One of the largest volunteer actions in 2019 was the support to the Nurdor activities within their “Take a Step” initiative, where more than 300 NIS employees, coming from all regions of Serbia, took part. Owing to our joint efforts, we managed to raise substantial funds for construction of a new Parental House in Belgrade.

Through corporate volunteer actions, we motivate our employees, encourage them to get involved, and help them develop a sense of community and solidarity, which contribute to attainment of more comprehensive social goals. Volunteering may bring about positive changes to a person’s life, nurtures the sense of belonging, encourages personal development and development of various skills and abilities. These are some of the reasons why we made corporate volunteering an integral part of company’s corporate culture and socially responsible actions.

In addition to humanitarian actions, since the foundation of the Volunteer Club, our volunteers have initiated and took part in important environmental initiatives, including a major environmental action on Fruška Gora on the occasion of the World Environment Day, an environmental action focused on cleaning up the banks of the Tamiš river, where the top management and representatives of the local authorities, citizens, and various organisations took part, and an international environmental action involving the Petrovaradin Fortress clean-up with our partners in Novi Sad.