Interview with Todor Mančić, Chairman of Association NURDOR for MOJ NIS Magazine

Mr. Todor Mančić, Chairman of NURDOR, speaks about the activities of the Association and support of citizens of the Republic of Serbia for corporate magazine "MOJ NIS" (MY NIS).

When was NURDOR Association established and for which cause?

-This year NURDOR will celebrate ten years of work. The Association was established in 2003 by parents of children ill with cancer, encouraged by the experience of their children and experience of families acquired during treatment. Since then, with the assistance of doctors and medical staff, psychologists, volunteers and friends of children from all over Serbia we strive to improve living conditions and treatment of sick children and their families. NURDOR advocates the right of every child ill with cancer to the best possible treatment conditions, the right to play and education, and to have a parent or loved person beside him/her during treatment … Since 2008, we cooperate closely with the Association of Parents of Bologna AGEOP Ricerca. We have a “twin program” with this association thanks to which the NURDOR office was established in Belgrade. In addition to financial assistance, we find their guidance, advice and support crucial for our work, as all of that is supported by thirty years of experience.


In cooperation with NURDOR, NIS has initiated a humanitarian campaign “Ljubav leči” (Love Heals). What is the priority to provide at this moment for an adequate treatment of children?

-During the whole past decade, the Association continuously provides its assistance to all hospitals in the country in which children ill with cancer are treated. Laminar flow chambers, infusion pumps, syringe pumps, special equipment for ward hygiene which must be maintained at the highest level, patient monitoring … the list of needs is long, but we hope that through a joint action with NIS we will be able to provide at least one part of necessary equipment.

Are you satisfied with to date support of people and economic entities in campaigns organized by the Association?

-You know, NURDOR is a very responsible and transparent association. The results accomplished in years are our pride and joy, but also oblige us to continue in the same direction. We are proud of the circle of friends and donors which has been expanding, and we will certainly need help for our vision and plans. In that respect we must thank NIS for the long-standing support and friendship.


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