NIS Supports This-Year October Show

The “Marvel of Cacophony” is the title of 57th “October Show”, which NIS supports this year. The event has started welcoming lovers of contemporary scene of global art seeking to showcase through to October 28th a plethora of creative diversity reflected in works by artists of various age, background and sensibility world over.

The world of contemporary creative spirit is displayed in exhibits by more than 70 artists spanning five different venues over the course of six weeks, in a bid to present variation in artistic expression of our day and age taking different visual forms, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, relievo, video, sound installation, interactive exhibits, performance and numerous others. As an international event for almost six decades showcasing best of the best in fine art both at home and across the region, the “October Show” has also been recognised as a vehicle for dialog of local and international artists seeking to acquaint wide audiences with copious variations of global art production.

A socially responsible business, NIS facilitates culture events, such as October Show. It also funds education of the young, while bolstering the affirmation of cultural values. Culture is the soul of any society. This fact is a driving force for NIS to support initiatives aimed at development and perfection of cultural content, which is a strategic objective of social responsibility programmes the company delivers under the slogan “Future at Work”.


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