NIS Announces 2017 Performance Results at Belgrade Stock Exchange

NIS Group today presented its business performance results for 2017 at the Belgrade Stock Exchange. The presentation on key financials for 2017 was given to investors, bankers and shareholders by Mr Anton Fedorov, Deputy CEO and Director of NIS Finance, Economics, Planning and Accounting.

NIS Announces 2017 Performance Results at Belgrade Stock Exchange

Mr Fedorov highlighted that NIS Group’ net profit for 2017 was 27 billion dinars, an increase of 80 percent on the 2016 level. Also, EBITDA was 47 billion dinars, marking a year-on-year increase of 18 percent.

The expert stakeholders were also informed that in respect of the exploration and production segment in 2017, NIS Group had expanded its resource base by 3.1 percent. Oil refining throughput in this period grew by nine percent, whereas a five percent increase was seen in the sales and distribution segment.

It was also reported that throughout 2017 NIS Group continued with successful implementation of its across-the-board operational efficiency programme, bringing an estimated 7.2 billion dinars in EBITDA effect.

The presentation concluded with information that NIS Group would pursue a new investment round in 2018, allocating close to 47 billion dinars.

The presentation was followed by a Q&A session, with Director of Finance, Economics, Planning and Accounting answering questions from the expert stakeholders.


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