NIS donation to the Pancevo School of Mechanical Engineering

NIS has made a donation to the Pancevo School of Mechanical Engineering, which consists of industrial equipment from the Pancevo Refinery, necessary for the successful completion of practical training in this educational institution.

“These spare parts, donated by NIS to the Pancevo School of Mechanical Engineering, play an important role in the successful realization of practical training. It is an industrial equipment that NIS has provided to us, which will allow us to introduce our students as much as possible to the industrial components and to better prepare them for work in the process industry, ”said Danijela Vucic, a teacher in the machine group at this school.

The donation was realized on the basis of the Memorandum of Cooperation signed by NIS and the Pancevo School of Mechanical Engineering in September 2017. This memorandum implies the improvement of the teaching process in order to provide conditions for adjusting the school curriculum and staff training for the business needs of the Pancevo Refinery. Accordingly, with the support of NIS through the Power of Knowledge programme, the school received a mechatronics cabinet earlier this year, equipped with modern didactic equipment for performing exercises and gaining practical knowledge, simulating real-life conditions of the process industry. Also, in consultation with the engineers of the Refinery in Pancevo, the curriculum for the education profile of mechatronics technicians was supplemented and adapted at the Mechanical School, which created the conditions for training of personnel for the needs of the Refinery.


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