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December 2014.

28.12.2014. | Daily newspaper "Politika"

Interview NIS CEO Kirill Kravchenko “Politika”

NIS CEO Kirill Kravchenko gave an interview to the daily newspaper “Politika”.

NIS a.d Novi Sad
24.12.2014. | Daily newspaper "Blic"

Memorandum of cooperation between Ministry of Youth and Sports and NIS signed

The company NIS and Ministry of Youth and Sports have signed a Memorandum of cooperation, which will aid young people in their further education and employment. Minister Vanja Udovicic and NIS CEO, Kirill Kravchenko signed the Memorandum. Ministry of Youth and Sports and NIS have established a successful model of cooperation through project involving employment of young people in scarce fields of labour market, thus 50 young people who pass the training for professions required by NIS will receive a job in the company.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad
19.12.2014. | "Pecat"

NIS – the most socially responsible company in 2014

Magazine Pecat brings the news that NIS won the award for most socially responsible company granted by the Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) for the first time this year. The most important activities of NIS during the past year in this area have been projects “Together for Community “, and “Energy of Knowledge”.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad

October 2014.

07.10.2014. | Daily newspaper "Blic"

Company NIS and the provincial government of Vojvodina signed an agreement on the implementation of the program „NIS Chance 2014“

Deputy CEO of NIS Andrey Shibanov and Provincial Secretary for Economy, Employment and Gender Equality Miroslav Vasin, on behalf of the Provincial Government signed yesterday in Novi Sad an agreement on establishing mutual rights and obligations in the implementation of the program for employing trainees „NIS Chance 2014“. In accordance with its business policy of corporate social responsibility and through cooperation with local self-governments, NIS continues the program NIS Chance 2014, aimed at employing young, talented candidates with university degrees without work experience. The best candidates will be given their first professional opportunity to work, learn, gain knowledge and first professional experience.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad
03.10.2014. | Newspaper "24 sata"

Company NIS supports 45th international kid’s festival “Joy of Europe”

International children’s festival “Joy of Europe” began with the support of NIS and will last until October 5, 2014. For 45th time, Belgrade will be be kid’s European capital, where pupils will welcome their peers from 18 European countries. Company NIS for the 6th year in a row supporting “Joy of Europe”, an event that stands a long tradition, quality and importance both for Belgrade and Serbia.

NIS a.d.Novi Sad
01.10.2014. | Daily newspaper "Kurir"

Company NIS winner of “My choice 2014” award for the most responsible company in Serbia

The company NIS is the winner of a gold medal “My choice 2014” for corporate social responsibility for being the most responsible company in Serbia that donated EUR1 million to local communities during 2013. This sum was distributed within “Cooperation for the development” program and besides that, company NIS supported series of cultural and entertaining events across Serbia in the past 12 months. NIS also helped citizens and institutions during May floods, as well as provided support to number of sports clubs and associations. On this occasion on behalf of NIS, the award received Director of External Communications, Sanja Lubardic, who said that it was great honor that “in addition to the development of business, we are also recognized by the influence on the development of society. We continue to transform good will into good deeds and we strive to become an even better partner to our local community. This recognition is the best incentive to stay on that course”, said Sanja Lubardic.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad

September 2014.

26.09.2014. | Magazine "Pecat"

NIS’s scholars travelled to their studies in Russia

Pecat magazine published the news that twelve scholars of the company NIS have travelled to Russia, where they will continue their education at the prestigious Moscow based Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas and Saint Petersburg based Gorny Natural Minerals and Natural Resources University. NIS’s scholarship for studies abroad includes paid expenses for all years of studying, accommodation, transportation, health insurance, as well as monthly allowance for everyday expenditure. Following the completion of studies, all students will have secured jobs in the company NIS.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad
25.09.2014. | Magazine "Nedeljnik"

NIS Creative Camp “Innovations for sustainable future” was held

Media published the news that the company NIS, in course of its support to the young ones, local community, sustainable development and science, organised a NIS Creative Camp from 18 to 20 September in cooperation with Nova Iskra design incubator. The goal of such cooperation is to produce innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions that will promote the use of renewable energy sources and increase energy efficiency in the entire community, that being the basis of NIS programme of sustainable development.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad
22.09.2014. | Specialized sports newspaper " Sport"

NIS supported the sports event “We power the game, NIS powers us”

In Belgrade, a street ball tournament for boys and girls was held under the title “We power the game, NIS powers us.” For the third year in a row, NIS supports the campaign of the Basketball Federation of Serbia, the Mini Basket League, organized throughout the country. Through the CSR program called the “Energy of Sport”, NIS pays special attention to the development of children’s and youth sports, proper development of the young generations and promotion of new talents.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad
15.09.2014. | Daily newspaper "Blic"

NIS supported Kikinda based Mammoth Fest, in course of “Together for the community” programme

It is said in a short digest that the company NIS, within its “Together for the community” programme, supported children’s event Mammoth Fest, that was held in Kikinda on September 12 and 13. The goal of the festival is to promote and protect natural and world heritage, as well as cultural tradition.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad
10.09.2014. | Daily newspaper "Kurir"

Minister of defence Bratislav Gasic and CEO of NIS Kravchenko signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

Defense Minister Bratislav Gasic and NIS CEO Kirill Kravchenko have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, the implementation of which will improve traffic safety, as well as the promotion, storage and transport of hazardous and explosive substances. After the signing of the Memorandum, Gašić and Kravchenko expressed satisfaction with the continuation and successful cooperation between the Ministry of Defense, the Army of Serbia and the NIS.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad
09.09.2014. | Daily newspaper "Dnevnik"

Company NIS equipted Serbian-Russian classes in Jovan Popovic elementary school in Novi Sad

In the elementary school “Jovan Popović” in Novi Sad started to work two bilingual classes which will be conducted in Serbian and Russian. The ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Novi Sad, Milos Vucevic, a City Council member in charge of education, Vladimir Jelic, a representative of the Russian Embassy in Belgrade, Ilia Yabkov and Deputy Director General of NIS, Andrey Shibanov. Equipping the classrooms in which the bilingual classes in elementary school “Jovan Popović” will be organized was funded by company NIS and by that occasion Deputy of General Director of the company, Andrey Shibanov said that company supports science and education in Serbia and that equipping classrooms is just one in a series of activities.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad
06.09.2014. | Daily newspaper "Danas"

New petrol station of NIS Petrol opened in Belgrade

The company NIS opened a new petrol station in Belgrade yesterday, under NIS Petrol brand, located on the E75 highway. On that occasion, representatives of the City of Belgrade and NIS’s management visited this petrol station. NIS CEO, Kirill Kravchenko stated that in the past five years NIS invested EUR250 million in opening of petrol station and as of next year, it will commence more active investments in modernization of Belgrade based petrol stations. CEO of NIS gave NIS’s loyalty super card to the Mayor of Belgrade and representatives of city administration which, as he announced, will include another three to four new business partners in several months.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad

August 2014.

27.08.2014. | Daily newspaper " Vecernje novosti"

Coface CEE Top 500: NIS among 500 most successful in Central and Eastern Europe

According to study of the international claim insurance company “Coface CEE Top 500” for 2013 year , the best ranked Serbian company when it comes to turnover is NIS, which is ranked at 58th place . There are nine companies from Serbia among 500 most successful companies, while Poland, Ukraine and Hungary have the biggest number of the most successful companies.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad
21.08.2014. | Daily newspaper " Vecernje novosti"

“Solar energy in the special nature reserve Slano Kopovo”, supported by NIS

By mounting photovoltaic devices for production of electric energy and solar heating of instantaneous hot water completed the project called “Solar energy in the special nature reserve Slano Kopovo”, realized by Hunters’ Association Novi Becej with support of the company NIS. The goal of the project was to improve conditions in the reserve, in the fields of environmental protection, tourism and education. The company NIS supported this project in course of “Cooperation for the development” programme, conceived for the purpose of strengthening partnership relations with local communities in which it conducts business operations.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad
18.08.2014. | Daily newspaper "Sportski zurnal"

„NIS Open Tennis School“ held in Niš

On Saturday, August 16, Company NIS , the Tennis Federation of Serbia and Tennis Federation of Eastern Serbia organized in Niš, „ NIS Open Tennis School 2014“. At two mini sports courts at the city square, children aged 6 to 10 were able to learn, free of charge, the first steps in tennis, with the help of professional coaches and the best young tennis players were granted appropriate awards. After Cacak and Nis, during August and September, a tennis school will be organized in six more cities in Serbia: Novi Becej Aug 23; Zrenjanin Aug 31; Kikinda Sep 6; Belgrade Sep 13; Novi Sad Sep 20; Pancevo Sep 27.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad
18.08.2014. | Daily newspaper "Informer"

NIS for the sixth consecutive year, supported the largest jazz festival in the country “Nišvil”

NIS for the sixth consecutive year, supported the largest jazz festival in the country “Nišvil” within the “Culture Without Borders,” which seeks to contribute to the promotion of cultural values ​​and the development of arts in Serbia. As part of this support, company NIS this year organized a music competition called “Do you have a wire for Nišvil” which enabled young, talented and unknown bands to perform at the festival. Thanks to this musical contest seven young and unknown bands from Serbia, got an opportunity to perform at the “Nišvil” Jazz Festival

NIS a.d. Novi Sad
15.08.2014. | Local newspaper "Cacanki glas"

NIS “Open school of tennis” for the children

Company NIS and Tennis Association of Serbia organized at the central square in Cacak ‘The open school of tennis’ for children. This idea emerged three years ago as part of NIS coorporate programme “The energy of sport” whose goal was to support children sport and advocate healthy life. During August and September this type of school will be organized in seven other cities in Serbia.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad
05.08.2014. | Daily newspaper " Blic"

Super card on Gazprom petrol stations

Users of Super card have been allowed to gather points on all GAZPROM petrol stations. Partners in this project are NIS, IDEA, Sberbank Serbia, Telenor and DDOR Novi Sad. During each purchase, consumers will receive a certain number of points, thus being able to realize number of savings and advantages. According to NIS’ statement, one receives a point for every litre of fuel and, as well as for each RSD50 spent in shops or restaurants on petrol stations. Super card is the biggest loyalty program on the Serbian market and points realized on petrol stations of GAZPROM and NIS Petrol will be totalled.

Original publication
02.08.2014. | Daily newspaper " Danas"

NIS put cogeneration module on Boka station into operation

Company NIS has commenced work exploitation of cogeneration module on Boka loading station in the Municipality of Secanj, which processes associated gas into electric and thermal energy. This project represents the next phase in realization of the programme on expansion of company’s cogeneration capacities, for the purpose of increasing NIS’ work efficiency and utilization of company’s gas resources. That will allow an increase of company’s presence at the energy market, as well as ecological benefits due to termination of incineration of associated gas on the torch. Ten cogeneration modules are expected to be constructed on NIS’ facilities by the end of 2014.

Original publication

July 2014.


NIS presented Report on sustainable development for 2013

Magazine “Pecat”

NIS presented Report on sustainable development for 2013, which is in accordance with standards of Global Reporting Initiative, world’s leading organization in field of sustainable business. NIS is the first company in Serbia that, for fourth consecutive year, implements the practice of regular reporting of all interested parties on important aspects of its business, using an open dialogue, and all in accordance with goal of the company to nurture long-term partnership relations for the purpose of establishing better and quality surrounding. The report on sustainable development encompasses accomplishments in 2013 which, besides development of the company were directed to improvement of life in the community through realization of economic, cultural and social growth. Report has been presented on NIS’ traditional forum, comprising of five round tables on which, besides company representatives, representatives of ministries, state institutions, Belgrade and Novi Sad based universities, nongovernmental organizations, petroleum associations, the biggest companies in Serbia and media representatives participated as well.

NIS. a. d Novi Sad

May 2014.


New partner in Super Card loyality programme

Daily newspaper “Kurir”

Media transfered the news that companies NIS, Idea, Telenor and Sberbank, the partners in the joint loyalty programme called Super Card, signed a Protocol on Cooperation with new partners that joined that programme, Insurance Company DDOR Novi Sad and McDonald’s Serbia. Kirill Kravchenko NIS Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Seratlić Chief Executive Officer of IDEA and Valerij Ovsjanikov President of Executive Board of Director in Sberbank Serbia signed the Protocol on Cooperation with Christian Otto Noi, Chief Executive Officer of DDOR and Tomash Rogac, Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s Serbia. Kirill Kravchenko NIS Chief Executive Officer expressed pleasure that all plans related to this loyalty program were fulfilled within a year of existence of Super Card, respectively that program included even more clients and companies than it was initially planned. Kravchenko said that he expects another three to four “serious” companies to join that programme by the end of the year, after which it can be said that this is the best marketing program in Southeast Europe. Super Card represents a unique awarding programme in Serbia which includes several partners and where each of those partners awards consumers for purchase or use of its services. The programme commenced in May of 2013, by concluding a partnership between the first two companies NIS and Idea, while inclusion of new partners increases advantages for consumers, as they collect points during each purchase, which later allow them various discounts and savings at those companies.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad

April 2014.


NIS is constructing amine drive for natural gas refinement in Elemir

Daily newspaper “Blic”

Media tranferes the news that NIS is constructing amine drive for natural gas refinement in Elemir near Zrenjanin. This project will reduce the level of carbon dioxide in gas produced by NIS for 3%. Director of Elemir Drive for Preparation and Transport of Oil and Gas, Perdrag Grujic stated to journalists that natural gas which company NIS delivers from here will have norms of European standards, and that all ecological criteria will be fulfilled and there won’t be emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The Lead Engineer of the Elemir drive, Nikola Vukoje stated that, besides improvement of the gas quality, ecological aspect of the project deserves significant attention as well, since amine drive has a task to remove all carbon dioxide from natural gas, if limits stipulated by transport conditions and European standards are exceeded. The value of this investment is 3.3 billion RSD.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad


NIS at the Employment Fair “TOP JOB”

Daily newspaper “24 sata”

Company NIS participated at the “TOP JOB” Employment Fair that was held in Belexpo Centre in Novi Beograd. During the two daysof fair will the booth of company NIS was one of the most popular booths this year. Students find programs that NIS offers attractive, especially those which offer a chance for best candidates to gain their first work experience in this very company. Besides practice, there is also a NIS Chance program, offering employment to young people without prior work experience and with finished high school or faculty. According to NIS, the purpose of these programs is to create competent staff, as it is a key factor for long-term development of the company. There are currently three ads open in this company: position of internal revision, IT and mechanical engineering. All those who visited NIS booth could have directly submitted their biography, even in electronic form.
ating in it.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad

March 2014.


At the Car Show in Belgrade, a wide range of services at Gazprom’s petrol stations is presented

Daily newspaper „Dasnas“

At the Car Show in Belgrade, a wide range of products and services that Gazprom petrol stations provide to their customers was presented. Restaurants have an excellent gastronomic offer, dishes prepared with fresh and quality ingredients, and a great selection of drinks and coffee. “Gazprom petrol stations are intended for the most demanding customers. In addition to high quality fuels that come from our refinery in Pancevo, which is at the moment one of the most modern refineries in the region, at Gazprom petrol stations we also have an excellent offer in restaurants, as well as a wide range of domestic and foreign products and items. In addition to standard services, at a large number of gas stations, we also offer currency exchange, ATM, car wash and a playroom for children,” said Mladen Vasic, director of the Marketing Directorate of the Distribution Block of NIS.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad



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