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March 2014.


NIS’s workers from Exploration and Production Section received degrees

Daily newspaper “Dnevnik”

NIS’s workers from Exploration and Production Section, who managed to complete months of training in Zrenjanin based Technical School, received degrees in this educational institution. Vocational training of 68 NIS’s operators for oil and gas production, as well as operators on exploration of boreholes got realized in course of the Memorandum of Cooperation and Contract on Expert Training of Employees between NIS and Tehcnical School in Zrenjanin. The purpose of this training is additional qualification of the types of workers that NIS finds necesary. Risat Islamov, Deputy CEO and Director of Exploration and Production, Dmitry Fomenko, Deputy CEO and the Director of Services and Ivan Bosnjak, Mayor of Zrenjanin presented degrees to the workers.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad


Kirill Kravchenko at Blic’s list of 300 most powerful people in Serbia

Daily newspaper “Blic”

A traditional list of 300 most powerful people in Serbia, drafted by the Blic daily, includes NIS CEO Kirill Kravchenko that is ranged at the third place. In the short text published it is said that Kravchenko has been at the helm of the company for the last five years. During that period, NIS’ investments have risen fivefold, from EUR400mn to EUR2bn, while its market share has doubled. The company recorded profit of more than EUR430mn, increase of a market share, despite the crisis, and is among the leading exporters in the country. On the first place on the list was Aleksandar Vucic, first deputy prime minister, second place took  Tomislav Nikolic, President of Serbia while at the forth place is CEO og company Fijat Antonio Cezare Ferera.

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NIS’s employees aid children with cancer, in course of a humanitarian initiative “Love heals”

Daily newspaper “Kurir”

In course of the humanitarian initiative “Love heals”, NIS’s employees presented donation of the Institute for Children and Youth Health Care of Vojvodina. Donation included a laminar floor cabinet, a device which is necessary for quality treatment of children with cancer. The employees of NIS Company initiated a campaign of aid gathering for the children, not only to provide a financial support to their medical treatment, but to express all their love and solidarity with them and their families, as well. By collecting money and engaging broader community via social networks, both company and NIS’s workers wanted to join children and their parents in their battle for recovery. Svetlana Vycherova, the Director of PR and Communications stated that NIS’s employees gave children the most important thing – love and she is proud that they put effort into making other people’s lives easier.

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February 2014.


Grand Prix for NIS’s calendar titled “Modern Garage”

Newspaper “24 sata”

Company NIS, at the exhibition of most beautiful New Year’s calendars, New Year’s cards and corporate gifts won the Grand Prix for the calendar titled “Modern Garage”. The exhibition was organized at the Gallery of Applied Art ITD in Novi Sad, as well as in Belgrade gallery New Moment New Ideas. The jury awarded NIS’s calendar dedicated to the history of motor sports with the highest marks, bearing in mind the design, artistic concept and interesting topics.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad


NIS has introduced a new eco-friendly drilling method

Daily newspaper “Blic”

At its drill hole in Kikinda, NIS has introduced a new method of drilling, applying the principle of ” dry locations, media writes. This is one of the most advanced technologies used by world’s leading oil companies and meets the strictest environmental standards. In the first quarter of this year, NIS will apply these new methods to four drilling facilities, for which USD 480 million has been approved. This method provides maximum protection of soil, water and the environment from pollution, and is fully compliant with national and European regulations in the field of ecology, geological research, and safety and health at work. By applying this technology in achieved significant economic savings is achieved- highlights NIS . Drilling Plant “N -3” in the well “Ki H -1″ in Kikinda is the first drilling rig of NIS which is equipped with additional accessories and in which the ” dry location ” method is applied. Thanks to the ‘dry location` methods, we now have a more efficient and economical process of drilling, which is in accordance with the highest environmental standards in this area. It is estimated that savings by using this new technology by the end of 2016 amount to 831 million dinars, explained the manager of the technical issues in the NIS Block Services, Aleksandar Bundaleski .


NIS a.d. Novi Sad


Profit of NIS in 2013 approximates that in 2012.

Daily newspaper “Danas”

Media reports information about business results that company presented for 2013 year. They said that last year, despite the difficult economic situation, NIS made net profit of RSD48.4 billion, while the total investment of the company in 2013 reached 57 billion, said CEO of NIS, Kirill Kravchenko. Profit of NIS in 2013 approximates that of the previous year, and NIS a.d. alone had a net profit of 51 billion dinars , while the rest of profit was made by affiliated companies. The achieved results were mostly affected by internal efficiency, cost reduction and the introduction of new technologies, which will continue to be implemented in 2014, said Kravchenko, when presenting last year’s business results of NIS. Last year, NIS paid for a variety of taxes about 120.6 billion, which is up to 30 percent more than in 2012, according to preliminary results, this oil company participates in budgetary payments of Serbia with about 14%, said Kravchenko. He noted that this year marked five years since Russia’s Gazprom Neft had become the majority owner of NIS, and since then, the Russian partner had invested two billion euros and in the next three years it would invest additional EUR1.5 billion. Investments of NIS in the past year grew by about six percent compared to 2012, while EBTDA grew by five percent to RSD68.8 billion. NIS a.d. Novi Sad



A special offer from Super Card at Gazprom petrol stations

Daily newspaper “Vecernje novosti”

A special discount is waiting for the owners of Super Card at Gazprom petrol stations in Serbia. Discount booklet which is valid until the end of April contains coupons which can be used in Gazprom retail network for the purpose of discount on fuel and restaurant offer. Discounts on fuel, food and beverages via coupons can be realized at 11 Gazprom petrol stations in Serbia. Super Card represents a unique loyalty program in Serbia, realized by NIS and its partners Idea, Sberbank and Telenor. All participants of the loyalty program, who gathered certain number of points in the previous accounting period, which is necessary for awarding process, will receive discount booklets. Besides discount on products at Gazprom petrol stations, participants can expect series of other advantages and discounts, valid at petrol stations of NIS Petrol and in companies Idea, Sberbank and Telenor.

NIA a.d. Novi Sad


NIS Gazprom Neft supports faculties in BiH

Website “”

Bosnian media reported the news that the company NIS Gazprom Neft wants to support and cooperate with highly qualified institutions in the region. Snežana Lakićević manager for cooperation with scientific and educational institutions in NIS Gazprom Neft said the company wants to raise the teaching and studying conditions and enable the best students employment in the company after graduation. The mayor of Prijedor, Marko Pavić said that the city provides strong support for higher education, stating that the projects that “NIS Gazprom Neft” offered Prijedor and Tuzla will be of great importance and interest, both to the local faculties and their students and the local communities.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad


NIS Open Tennis School at Davis Cup

Daily newspaper “Danas”

During the Davis Cup in Novi Sad between the national teams of Serbia and Switzerland, NIS and the Tennis Association of Serbia organized the “NIS Open Tennis School.” During the Cup, children aged 6 to 10, at the hall of SPENS, were able to learn the first steps of the ‘white sport’ from professional coaches, free of charge. Many children applied for this activity. NIS Open Tennis School is organized for the third year in a row in the framework of the program of corporate social responsibility of the company called “Energy of Sport”, which aims to promote healthy lifestyle, developing young talent, as well as the support to professional sports.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad

January 2014.


Kirill Kravchenko CEO of NIS at the top of the list of the most powerful foreigners in Serbia

Daily newspaper “Blic”

Daily newspaper Blic published the list of “50 most powerful foreigners in Serbia”, where Kirill Kravchenko, CEO of NIS is at the first place of the list. In the brief text ” Blic ” states that Kiril Kravchenko is head of the company for last five years and during that period investment in NIS were increased five times , to two billion euros , while the share of today’s NIS market doubled. The company recorded profit of more than EUR 430 million and it is one of the leading exporters in the country. This is the result of cooperation between the two shareholders, Gazprom and the Government of Serbia, which jointly make decisions regarding the development of NIS.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad


Company NIS provided donation for the Institute of Oncology

Newspaper “24 sata”

A chair scale for weight measuring of children with immobility impairment was donated to Children’s Ward of the Institute of Oncology, in course of a humanitarian initiative called “Love heals”, organized by NIS and the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer (NURDOR). This donation is a part of a widespread, joint action of NIS and its employees, in course of which assets for procurement of necessary medical devices for cancer treatment of children have been gathered. In addition to funds raised through initiative of the company and its employees, an additional initiative has been organized at NIS’s Facebook page and the company donated additional assets for every message of support to ill children that arrived.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad


Euro BMB 98 domestic fuel of European quality

Magazine “Nedeljnik”

Media writes that company NIS introduced the new domestic fuel of European standard – Euro BMB 98, which fully meets the strictest demands of EU emission standards for passenger vehicles. This premium-quality gasoline is available to consumers all over Serbia and it is produced in NIS’s modernized refinery in Pancevo. It is a Euro-quality derivative, produced as a result of uninterrupted process of innovations in the company, for the purpose of securing the first class products. This way, company expanded the offer of Euro-quality domestic fuel at its retail network, along with already present euro-diesel, euro-premium BMB 95 and car gas, media states.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad


NIS received the main “Virtus” award for philanthropy

Daily newspaper “Informer”

NIS Company won the main “Virtus” prize for corporate philanthropy during 2013, precisely for contribution on the national level, as Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Michael Davenport presented this recognition to NIS CEO, Kirill Kravchenko. Kamenica based Association for Local Development nominated NIS for this award, respectively for financial support to local communities in which NIS conducts business operations, using the program of corporate social responsibility called “Cooperation for the purpose of development.” NIS supported a total of 145 projects through this program in 2013, with a total amount of RSD 88 million and it also realized the program which supports science and education, called “Energy of Knowledge.” NIS is also nominated for the initiative related to corporate philanthropy, during which employees and company jointly purchased 23 CTG devices, intended for maternity wards all over Serbia. Kravhcenko stated that “Virtus” award represents a huge honor for both himself and the company, it being from the field of social activities. In recent years, NIS has evolved in the economy direction and increased its participation in the budget of Serbia from seven to more than 14 percent, if it is take into account the payment of dividends. In the last five years, we have been invested more than RSD 5 billion in various programs – cooperation with universities, local communities, sport and society-related investments”, Kravhcenko reminded and media published. Kravhcenko also emphasizing that NIS will continue to invest efforts, in order to contribute to Serbian society as much as possible.


NIS a.d. Novi Sad


Best Buy Award – Consumers awarded NIS petrol stations for the best price-quality ratio

Daily newspaper “Blic”

The chain of gas stations of NIS won the first place, by the votes of Serbian consumers that recognized gas stations of NIS as a symbol of the best quality to price ratio on the domestic market, media transferes. Research for Best Buy Award was conducted in the last quarter of last year on a representative sample of citizens of Serbia, over 15 years of age, and only the opinion, the level of satisfaction and perceptions of consumers based on their personal experience were taken into account in the conduct of this research. The research for Best Buy Award in Serbia included 57 different economic categories, and it was conducted by the Swiss organization ICERTIAS (International Certification Association).

NIS a.d. Novi Sad


Within the program “NIS Chance” NIS hired 78 young people

Daily newspaper “Danas”

As part of the program “NIS Chance”, NIS hired 78 young people with university and secondary education, announced the company. The “NIS Chance” program, within which employment contracts were signed, is aimed at hiring young, talented candidates who have completed secondary school or university. 54 candidates with university degrees, mostly from the Faculties of Mining and Geology, Economics, Technology and Technology and Metallurgy and the Faculty of Organizational Sciences got the opportunity to become a part of NIS’s team for a year. In addition, 24 candidates with secondary school education got an opportunity to work for NIS within the “NIS Chance” program. The same as in previous years, within the framework of implementation of the “NIS Chance” program, the company once again collaborated with local administrations, the National Employment Service, faculties and secondary schools, and thus chose the best candidates who will work in Novi Sad, Belgrade, Pancevo, Zrenjanin, Kikinda and other towns where NIS has its business capacities.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad


NIS invested half a billion euros in 2013

Web site “”

Media published a New Year statement from NIS’s CEO Kirill Kravchenko, which he gave for Tanjug Agency. The company NIS realized in 2013 an investment program worth more than half a billion euros, while investments in 2014 in the company development will be at the same level, Kirill Kravchenko NIS CEO said. Kravchenko pointed out that the news was good for NIS, because considerable results were achieved: budget payments increased by a fourth against the year before, hence the NIS stake at the end of the year will account for 13 pct of total state revenues, which is nearly twice as much than five years ago. As he added further, the NIS strategic goal in 2014 is regional expansion in the Balkans in 2014, both in the field of research and production, and in the field of retail network development.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad

December 2013.


Commendation of the Tax Administration for NIS for the highest contribution to the budget

Daily newspaper “Blic”

NIS has received the commendation of the Tax Administration for the highest total contribution to the state budget on the basis of direct and indirect taxes in 2012. With a total of nearly RSD92 billion at the end of 2012, NIS was individually the largest taxpayer and it participated in total revenues in the budget with about 11 percent, the company said. A thank-you certificate for such a result was granted to NIS’s CEO, Kirill Kravchenko, by Head of the Tax Administration, Ivan Simic. “Despite the crisis, which is not subsiding this year, NIS evolved during 2013th We significantly increased the payments to the budget , by about a quarter compared to last year , so this year we will pay about RSD115 billion,” said CEO of NIS, Kirill Kravchenko. Our share in total budget revenues in the last five years increased from seven to more than 13 percent. This is the best reflection of the strength and commitment of both shareholders, Gazprom Neft and the Serbian government, the development of NIS, said Kravchenko.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad


Interview of CEO of NIS Kirill Kravchenko for magazine „NIN“

Magazine “NIN”

NIS a.d. Novi Sad;NIS a.d. Novi Sad; NIS a.d. Novi Sad;NIS a.d. Novi Sad


NIS winner of the award of the Association of Market Communications

Newspaper “24 sata”

NIS has won the silver award of the Association of Market Communications for the fair stand at this year’s 51st International Car Show. The prize for one of the best creative achievements in marketing this year, was awarded to NIS by the professional jury of the Association for Market Communications professionals, comprised of prominent marketing professionals.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad


NIS converts energy from waste

Daily newspaper “Dnevnik”

The company NIS has started commercial exploitation of three cogeneration modules, enabling the use of raw gas to produce heat and electricity. The construction of the modules, which are placed in Kikinda and Kanjiza, required an investment of 3.7 million euros, and this continued the realization of the project of cogeneration capacities. It is planned that the electricity produced in the modules will be delivered on the domestic market, and that thermal energy will be used in NIS. With this procedure NIS will reduce costs for the purchase of energy products by about 40 percent, media writes.


NIS a.d. Novi Sad


Russian Minister of Energy, Alexander Novak visited Pancevo Oil Refinery

Daily newspaper “Kurir”

As of next year, NIS will commence investments in the second phase of modernization of Pancevo Oil Refinery, Russian Minister of Energy, Alexander Novak announced during his visit to Pancevo Oil Refinery. He conducted business operations as a part of NIS, which majority owner is Russian Gazprom Neft, Russian Minister stated that new investments will allow an increase in debt of oil refinement, so that derivatives with even better quality could be produced for both, Serbian and European market. Novak said that NIS has plans to invest EUR 1.5 billion in Serbia, in the next three years and he evaluated that Pancevo Oil Refinery is one the best in Europe, as more than EUR 500 million was invested in it. Apart from Minister Novak, Serbian Minister of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning, Milan Bacevic, CEO of NIS, Kirill Kravchenko and Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Serbia, Alexander Chepurin also visited Pancevo Oil Refinery.


NIS a.d. Novi Sad


NIS Petrol received an award “My choice 2013”

Daily newspaper “Blic”

Citizens Association “My Serbia” and Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented recognitions to companies, in course of “Serbia has quality” campaign, which are presented based on votes of the consumers. NIS Petrol was best in a category “Petrol station transport”.Recognitions were presented based on results of the research, which was conducted on a sample of 2.010 buyers from 17 cities of Serbia and consumers chose between 156 nominated products and brands, divided into 15 categories. The goal of this initiative is to boost development of domestic production and investments in improvement of the quality of goods and services in Serbia.


NIS a.d. Novi Sad


Competition “Best welder 2013” was held with support of NIS

Daily newspaper “Dnevnik”

Technical Service from Zrenjanin and School of Higher Technical Professional Education organized a competition called “Best Serbian welder 2013” in this educational institution. On that occasion, Deputy CEO of NIS, Dmitry Fomenko said: ”This is a very significant event which presents repetition of those that were just intended for competition thirty years ago and for us, welding is an important vocation, thus with this event we want to draw attention to technical vocations and to attract serious welders in our company. Also, we want to increase the interest in welding as vocation, in general.


NIS a.d. Novi Sad

November 2013.


Kirill Kravchenko CEO of NIS recieved award “Danube Flower”

Magazine “Pečat”

Kirill Kravchenko CEO of NIS is the winner of the Danube Flower award for contribution to the development and strengthening of the economic environment in the region. The prestigious award for contribution to the development and strengthening of the economic environment in the region was granted at the Danube Business Forum, expert meeting on strengthening and development of the region with special reference to the position of young people and their employment, which was held in Novi Sad. In the award explanation it is said that, under the management of Kirill Kravchenko, NIS, in a short time, grew into the most profitable domestic company, which, through significant investments and the introduction of new technologies, contributes to the development of Serbia and strengthening the business environment in the region.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad


NIS received an award for having the best relations with investors

Daily newspaper “Blic”

This year’s award for best relations with investors, presented by Belgrade stock exchange, went to NIS Company, third time in a row. Among companies listed at Belgrade stock exchange, NIS received best overall grade when it comes to criteria such as presence in the public, available Internet data, number of meetings with investors. When compared to previous year, expert committee of the BSE concluded that NIS improved informativeness and plentitude of reports that are published, along with very relation of the company employees with investment public, NIS announced. NIS received this recognition at 12th International Conference of Belgrade Stock Exchange, held in Belgrade. The commission consisted of long-standing bankers, brokers and financial analysts.

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