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November 2013.


Discount on Diadora sports program at NIS Petrol and Gazprom gas stations

Magazine “SAT plus”

Owing to a new loyalty program of NIS, all consumers at gas stations of NIS Petrol and Gazprom can buy products from exclusive Diadora sports collection with discounts up to 70 percent, reminds biweekly SAT. For every purchase of fuels or products in shops and restaurants at NIS Petrol and Gazprom gas stations in the amount of 1,500 dinars, a consumer receives one coupon. Drivers of freight vehicles for purchases in the amount of 7,500 dinars are also entitled to participate in this program.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad


NIS started producing Euro BMB fuel 98

Newspaper “Pregled”

NIS has started the production of a new kind of motor fuel of the Euro quality with higher octane rating “Euro BMB 98”. Asmedia reports, the advantages of the fuel “Euro BMB 98” compared to “Euro Premium BMB 95 ” are higher octane value giving more engine power, increasing its efficiency, and contributing to a more silent and stable engine operation, and its use contributes to environmental preservation through the reduction of harmful emissions. NIS CEO Kirill Kravchenko said that, with the production of Euro BMB 98, the company showed in practice that it was constantly working to improve the production process and increase the quality of motor fuels in accordance with the most stringent European environmental standards. Euro BMB 98, in the first stage of supplying the retail network of NIS, can be found at 60 NIS Petrol and Gazprom gas stations throughout Serbia and by the end of 2013, this type of fuel will be supplied to nearly 120 petrol stations.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad


The company NIS got the award “Oscar of Quality 2013”

Daily newspaper “Blic”

Company NIS won the award for business excellence “Oscar of Quality 2013” as the absolute winner in the category of large organizations. In the category of small and medium-size organizations, that title was granted to the Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology in Belgrade. “Oscars of Quality” were presented to the winners at a ceremony in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce for outstanding results achieved in the improvement and development of quality and business excellence in Serbia and the region. The prizes were awarded by the Foundation for Quality Culture and Excellence in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, supported by the Ministry of Economy.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad


Telenor and Sberbank are new partners of the program Super Card with the companies NIS and IDEA

Newspaper „24 sata“

NIS and IDEA signed in Belgrade a cooperation protocol with Telenor and Russia’s Sberbank, within the joint loyalty program called “Super Card”. NIS and IDEA launched the program in May this year, and its goal is to increase the benefits for consumers and the possibility of additional savings. “Super Card” is the first loyalty program in Serbia, and each partner rewards consumers for the purchase and use of services. In six months, “Super Card” gained a million users, more than 500 retail stores and 200 settlements are covered by the program, and to date more than 10 million purchase were made by using “Super Card”. NIS’s CEO Kirill Kravchenko said he did not expect such a good result of the project and announced that, starting next year, the loyalty program would be joined by several other companies in the sector of insurance and food.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad


NIS received prestigious award of the East Capital in a category “Revelation of the year”

Daily newspaper ” Kurir”

NIS received a prestigious award, presented by Swiss company East Capital, in a category “Revelation of the year”, thus becoming the first energy company in the world and first Serbian company that received this prestigious recognition, NIS stated. “Modernization, introduction of new technologies and improvement of business operations led NIS from company that generated losses to highly profitable company with USD 500 million of profit in 2012”, it is stated in the explanation of an award. At the same time, NIS made a huge step forward when it comes to corporate management. CEO of NIS, Kirill Kravchenko stated that this award represents recognition for the right path of the company, while investments in development and innovations, amounting to EUR 2 billion in the last four years, brought real results. Kravchenko added that shareholder presents the award, as it knows company better than others and he carefully monitors on its business moves.

NIS a.d. Novi Sad

October 2013.


Up to €60 billion in investments needed in the Balkan region’s energy sector up to 2030.

European Union affairs portal Euractiv

Speaking at the conference ‘Energy Arena 2013’, held in Belgrade, the director of the Serbian Oil Industry (NIS), Kirill Kravchenko, said that up to €60 billion in investments was needed in the Balkan region’s energy sector up to 2030.
Kravchenko, a Russian, said that if the Balkan region was compared with central Europe, energy efficiency and economic capacities would have to double in the next ten years.
Original article was published here:

Up to €60 billion in investments needed in the Balkan region's energy sector up to 2030.


Director of the Energy Community Secretariat visits the Pančevo Oil Refinery

Daily newspaper “Kurir”

Janez Kopač, the Director of the Energy Community Secretariat, visited the Pančevo Oil Refinery together with Kirill Kravchenko, the Chief Executive Officer of NIS. Kopač was informed about the operation of the new unit for the production of the Euro-quality fuel, as well as about the Company’s investment plans in the upcoming period. NIS is one of the largest energy companies in South East Europe and the most profitable company in Serbia, which was the first to establish its representative office in Brussels and which realises a significant portion of its exports in the European Union. “A successful international company such as NIS which wants to become a regional actor certainly has a positive effect on Serbia’s integration in the European Union. Young, educated, energetic people running this company and working in it deserve the credit for everything that has been achieved and all the investments the effect of which I could see in Pančevo,” Kopač said. He positively assessed the cooperation between the two shareholders of NIS, Gazprom Neft and the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Director of the Energy Community Secretariat visits the Pančevo Oil Refinery


NIS starts building an amine unit in the LPG Production Unit in Elemir

Newspaper “24 sata”

NIS has started building an amine unit within the gas refinement production complex in Elemir. The introduction of the technology for natural gas purification to the technological process of the gas refinement unit is to enable the separation of CO2 from natural gas produced by the Company in the territory of Serbia. The operation of the amine unit is to enable the reduction of CO2 quantity in the gas produced by NIS to the amount of 3%, which corresponds to the technical requirements for its usage in the domestic gas distribution network in Serbia. It is in this way that NIS will have an opportunity to increase the quantities of natural gas delivered to the Serbian market and thereby the related profits.

NIS starts building an amine unit in the LPG Production Unit in Elemir


NIS as the new sponsor of Basketball Club Partizan

Daily newspaper “Sportski zurnal”

NIS Company and Basketball Club Partizan signed a strategic partnership agreement that will apply to the next 3 years, in line with which this sports team will bear the name KK Partizan NIS. One of the key focus of this cooperation will be the financial support for the child and youth sports development. President of the BC Partizan, Predrag Danilovic and CEO of NIS, Kirill Kravchenko attended the signing of an agreement, organized at main court of the Pionir Dome. On that occasion, Kravchenko stated that NIS traditionally dedicates huge attention to social investments for development of socially important initiatives. “Even though realization of such projects doesn’t have a direct economic effect, each year we increase the volume of assets directed towards development of social sphere and improvement of ecological situation”, Kravchenko emphasized, adding that NIS has invested around RSD 3 billion in social sphere since 2009 and over RSD 9 billion in realization of ecological projects. “Development of young generation, i.e. Serbia’s future has a special place in NIS’ policy of corporate social responsibility – from supporting science to children and youth sports schools”, CEO of NIS stated. As part of the NIS’ CSR program Sport Energy, NIS has been supporting Partizan BC for six years in a row as one of the main sponsors, and starting from this season as the general sponsor. Alongside the promotion of the highest sports values, team spirit and top results, from this season on, this cooperation will be extended to supporting this club’s youth team by introducing basketball to the youngest generations more closely and taking part in humanitarian actions together.

NIS as the new sponsor of Basketball Club  Partizan


NIS supported 44th International meeting Children of Europe “Joy of Europe”

Daily newspaper “Kurir”

Carnival at Children’s Cultural Centre marked the beginning of the 44th International Meeting of Children “Joy of Europe”. This year, children from 17 primary schools in Belgrade will host their peers from Azerbaijan, Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Lithuania, Macedonia, Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine. The event ends on October 5th, when it will be celebrated International Children’s Day. NIS traditionally for the fifth time in a row, supported this event, and specially pays attention to children and youth within the corporate program “Culture without borders.” The company also supports cultural institutions and festivals of local, national and international significance, as well as projects of Russian-Serbian cooperation.

NIS supported  44th International meeting Children of Europe “Joy of Europe”

September 2013.


NIS at the 7th International Clean Energy Technologies Forum

Magazine “Pecat”

Representatives of NIS took part in the seventh International Clean Energy Technologies Forum, dubbed “Serbia`s Energy 2013: Future and Perspectives”, which was held in Novi Sad on 24 and 25 September. This professional conference focused on the development of clean energy technologies in Serbia and gathered over 400 participants from the country and abroad. Representatives of NIS also participated in the gathering. Ilya Kutyaev, Director of the Department for Development of the Energy, discussed strategic energy development directions in Serbia, as well as regional cooperation in the area of energy and environmental protection. Stanka Leskovac, Director of the Research and Market Analysis Section, was involved in a panel discussion on the biomass market in Serbia. The conclusion reached during this professional gathering, which was organized by the Institute for European Affairs from Düsseldorf and the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, was to strongly support the implementation of the Europe 2020-30-50 European strategy, as well as to identify a potential course of development for the energy sector in Serbia by 2020 and also its vision by 2050.

NIS at the 7th International Clean Energy Technologies Forum


TOP 500: NIS is the largest company in Serbia

Daily newspaper “Politika”

NIS occupies first place by total income and profits in 2012 according to the new publication of Top 500 which contains a list of 500 big companies along with the basic information on their business. NIS is the largest company in Serbia with an income of 234 billion RSD and profits in the amount of 49,5 billion RSD in 2012 and is in front of EPS, Telekom Serbia, Deleza Serbia, Srbiijagas, Tarket, Merkator S, Delta Holding, Vitkorija Group, Concern Farmakom MB, as stated in the analysis of Top 500.
The publication was prepared by the Hypo Alpe Adria Bank team for economic research in cooperation with the company Certus Consulting and weekly magazine NIN as the publisher.
TOP 500: NIS is the largest company in Serbia


Gazprom Energohodling and NIS construct a thermal power plant

Newspaper „Pancevac“

CEO of Gazprom Energoholding Denis Fjodorov and CEO of NIS Kirill Kravchenko signed a Memorandum on construction of Pancevo based steam-gas thermal power plant, which capacity will go up to 208 megawatts, in Moscow. Two companies will establish a new joint company which will have exclusive rights related to investments and realization of project. According to signed memorandum, Russian partner will have a portion of 51%, while NIS will have 49% of start-up capital. Electric and thermal energy produced at thermal power plant will primarily supply oil refinery of Naftna industrija and its strategic partner, Petrohemija Pancevo. Remaining amounts of electric energy will be placed at Serbian energy market which, according to expectations, will be fully liberalized at the beginning of 2015. According to NIS officials, natural gas will be fuel for the new plant, as it is the cleanest energy resource from ecological point of view and they also reminded that technology of steam-gas cycle is the most efficient solution from economic point of view. Kravchenko stated that “participation of NIS in the project of construction of Pancevo based thermal power plant represents a part of the corporate program for increase of efficiency and utilization of energy resources”, adding that the most advanced technology will be chosen, as it will allow reduction of expenses and high level of ecological safety.

Gazprom Energohodling and NIS construct a thermal power plant


NIS initiated construction of the first wind farm in Serbia

Daily newspaper “Dnevnik”

Company NIS initiated construction of the first wind farm in Serbia at Plandiste Municipality in which, according to CEO of NIS Kirill Kravchenko, a total of EUR 160 million will be invested. Construction works were opened by First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and Kirill Kravhcenko, who stated that joint company NIS Energovind will deal with realization of the project, as NIS has 50% of ownership portion in this company while rest is owned by private investors. According to Kravhcenko, planned time for completion of this project is 12 months. Vucic stated that the wind farm represents good news for people of Serbia, as 300 people will be employed during its construction and the infrastructure surrounding Plandiste will be significantly improved. Vucic stated that as of next year, no one will be able to say that Serbia doesn’t have wind farms in 2013, 2014 or 2015.

NIS initiated construction of the first wind farm in Serbia

August 2013.


NIS provides scholarships for students’ education in Russia

Daily newspaper „ Blic“

The company NIS is providing scholarships for the education of five students from Serbia at prestigious universities in Russia that provide education to professionals in the domain of oil and gas. Sofija Šoškić from Kraljevo, Ivan Savić from Valjevo and Petar Rajić from Zrenjanin, the first recipients of NIS’s scholarships went to Moscow to get education and further training.


Company NIS, an example of good business practice, paid a dividend for last year

Magazine ” Nedeljnik”

Company NIS is an example of good business practice, which should be followed by other companies, as it paid a dividend for last year to its shareholders. A total of RSD12.36bn was paid, while gross amount per share was RSD75.83, magazine “Nedeljnik” reports.


Jazz festival Nišville was held owing to NIS

Daily newspaper “Danas”

This year’s 30th international jazz festival Nišville was held owing to NIS, which, for the fifth consecutive year, was the gold sponsor of the festival. Company NIS was a gold sponsor of the international jazz festival Nisville, that was from 15 to 18 August at the Fortress in Nis.


Young talents in Serbia’s NIS is the first campus in Becici

Newspaper “24 sata”

The first NIS’s campus will bring together more than 120 participants who took part in the Olympics NIS knowledge of physics, mathematics and Russian language, Serbian Olympic team for chemistry, as well as five of the most successful high school students scholarship from the Ministry of Youth and Sports.


NIS at the Trumpet Festival in Guča

Magazine ” Pečat”

NIS is a strategic partner of this year’s, 53rd Dragačevo Trumpet Festival. As part of its program “Culture Without Borders”, NIS has supported the Dragačevo Festival for the fifth consecutive year in an effort to promote the musical traditions and folklore of Serbia and tourism in this region, and bring the Serbian culture and traditions closer to visitors from around the world.


Interview of Branko Radujko, regional manager of NIS for BiH

Bosnina daly newspaper “Euro Blic”

The market of BiH is one of the most important for the business development of NIS in the Balkan region, says Branko Radujko, regional manager of the company. He speaks in interview of the “Euro Blic” about plans for the local market, the volume of investments, as well as the benefits that consumers receive with the entry of the new players in the retail market.


Firts McDonald’s at filling station of NIS

Daily newspaper ” Pregled”

NIS Company stated that it concluded a Contract on cooperation with McDonald’s, related to opening of the first restaurant of that chain at “Zmaj 1” petrol station located at Belgrade based highway towards Zagreb.


With the support of NIS, gold, silver, and two bronze medals for Serbia

Daily newspaper „24 sata“

At the recently finished Mathematical Olympics in the Colombian city of Santa Marta, the Serbian team won a gold, a silver and two bronze medals, and two commendations. Through this success, the Serbian mathematicians qualified as some of the best mathematicians in the world in the competition of 99 countries and over 500 candidates. The young mathematicians were given support for going to the contest in NIS’s program “Energy of Knowledge.”

July 2013.


Interview with Kirill Kravchenko, NIS CEO, for “Danas“ daily

Daily newpsper ” Danas”

The Danas daily published an interview with CEO of NIS Company, Kirill Kravchenko. The Head of NIS stated that he is pleased with work of the company, as all segments recorded an increase. Kravchenko has stated that in the first six months of 2013 NIS recorded net profit of nearly RSD20 billion.


NIS received certificates for providing services in EU

Daily newspaper “Blic”

Media transferes the news that the daughter company of NIS, NAFTAGAS Naftni servisi, has obtained a certificate for providing services in the EU, along with national certificates for providing services in Romania and Hungary.


NIS and Technical Faculty in Zrenjanin signed Memo on Cooperation

Daily newspaper ” Večernje novosti”

Dean of “Mihajlo Pupin” Technical Faculty in Zrenjanin Milan Pavlović and Deputy CEO of NIS Dmitry Fomenko have signed the Memo on Cooperation, whereupon a new program of studies, in line with NIS’ needs will be opened, and student internship and exchange of knowledge via mutual guest lectures and donation of funds for equipping a classroom at the Faculty will be organised.



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