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February 2013.


Kravchenko: Technology and Investment – The Key to Success

Interview of NIS CEO Kirill Kravchenko for B92


In 2012, NIS realized profit of almost 50 bn dinars

Newspaper “24 Sata”

On February 11, CEO of NIS, Kirill Kravchenko, presented the results of the business operation of NIS in 2012, the media report. As pointed out, in 2012, according to the unrevised financial statement, company NIS realized net profit of 49.5 billion dinars, which is 22 percent more than in 2011.


NIS Petrol Opened a Modern Petrol Station in Sombor

Local newspaper ” Somborske novine”

NIS Petrol officially started the operations of a modern petrol station in Konjovićević street, Sombor. The facility has been revamped in line with the European Union’s standards and branded with the new tricolour NIS Petrol brand.


Cooperation between NIS and Fund for Young Talents

Magazine „Pečat“

NIS and Ministry of Youth and Sports signed a protocol on cooperation for supporting scholars of Fund for Young Talents, media announced.

January 2013.


NIS opened the filling station in Bosnia’s Serb Republic

Daily newspaper ” Informer”

Company NIS commissioned their filling station in Bosnia’s Serb Republic, respectively in Laktasi, Near Banjaluka, in which modernization they invested EUR 1 million, media stated.


NIS supports learning of Russian language at universities in Belgrade and Novi Sad

Daily newspaper “Danas”

Media stated that NIS Company, according to their corporate social responsibility and in course of a program called “Science and young talents” plans huge cooperation project with universities from Belgrade and Novi Sad, during this year. Among other things, this program has a goal to instigate young people to learn Russian language, thus getting acquainted with Russian culture.

December 2012.


Company NIS employer of the year

Daily newspaper „Kurir“

Media reports news that Serbian Managers Association elected best business world members at domestic market. NIS was pronounced best employer. Kirill Kravchenko, Managing Director in NIS stated that this is one of great rewards for NIS.


NIS opened the first Gazprom petrol station in Romania

Дневне новине “Дневник”

Нафтна индустрија Србије, кћерка-фирма “ГазпромНефт”-а, отворила је прву бензинску станицу у Румунији, под брендом GAZPROM преносе медији.


Interview of NIS CEO Kirill Kravchenko

Magazinе “Nedeljnik”

Magazine ” Nedeljnik” published interview with CEO of NIS Kiril Kravchenko


The companies NIS and “Energovind” signed agreement on the construction of the Plandište wind power plant

Daily newspaper “Kurir”

Kirill Kravchenko, CEO of NIS, and Goran Novaković, director of the company “Energovind”, have recently signed an Agreement on the construction of the wind power plant Plandište, whose beginning is planned for next summer.

November 2012.


Modern NIS filling station opened in Kragujevac

Daily newspaper „ Blic“

NIS put modern filling station in Kragujevac settlement “Aеrodrom” in operation. The facility is reconstructed via European standards and branded via new, three-color brand of NIS Petrol.


NIS at the top when it comes to relations with investors in 2012.

Daily newspaper „Kurir“

Company NIS is awarded for second year in a row, for the best company in relations with investors. Awards to domestic companies for best relations with investors were announced yesterday in Belgrade at the 11 the International Conference of the Belgrade Stock Exchange titled UPGRADE IN BELGRADE 2012.


NIS organized “Drivers challenge”

Daily newspaper „ Dnevnik“

In order to improve traffic culture, safety in traffic and competitive spirit, a competition for professional drivers was held at new NIS’s complex in Zrenjanin on Saturday, under the name “Drivers challenge”. Professional drivers of passenger and cargo vehicles in NIS participated in this competition and goal was to check knowledge and skills in driving motor vehicle, via theoretical tests and practical activities, thus raising awareness on safety not just among professional drivers but among all employees in the company. Apart from NIS’s employees, representatives from Agency for Traffic Safety also attended the competition, and Traffic Department of the Serbian Army, Traffic Police from Serbian Ministry of Interior and other guests.


NIS won Web Fest award for internet improvement

Daily newspaper “Danas”

At the largest regional internet festival titled “Web fest.Me 2012”, organised in Belgrade, NIS won a special award in the area of internet improvement, with NIS’ commitment to the development of corporate web services highlighted. New technologies that NIS has been applying in all business segments in the last three years include the new corporate site, fully adjusted to both consumers and the general public. The site offer s comprehensive and diverse information on the company’s operations and the oil and gas industry. It also enables online applications for donation and sponsorship programmes, including many programmes for young people. NIS is also active in social media, with two-way communication with target groups via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube NIS. “NIS raised standards for corporate online presence and is becoming renowned in the online community for its open and two-way communication. It is confirmed by the fact that the number of hits to NIS corporate site rose fourfold, and the number of Facebook fans tripled,” underlined Svetlana Vycherova, Director of Function for PR and Communications of NIS.


Interview of Executive Director of Oil Field Services, John Small for specialized energy portal „Balkanmagazin”

Specialized energy portal „ Balkanmagazin“

The Executive Director of the Block Services of NIS, John Small, said in an interview for the regional energy portal „Balkanmagazin“ that the company NIS invested USD25m this year in the procurement of the most modern equipment for drilling and exploration of oil and gas and formed a team of managers and experts in exploration and exploitation so that it would position itself as the leader in the Balkans, when it enters the regional market. In his interview , Small said that one of NIS’s main priorities is entrance at the regional market of oil services, which corresponds to company strategy, directed towards achieving a leadership position at the Balkans. NIS works on independence of Oil Field Services block, which conducts drilling of exploratory and developing boreholes, their equipping, as well as seismic explorations for hydrocarbon deposits, Small stated. Executive Director of NIS’s Oil Field Services appointed that investments in new equipment will allow drilling via principle of so called “dry locations”, meaning that land pollution will be completely eliminated, as well as occurrence of waste pits which served for disposal of fluids, used in the process of drilling and this satisfies top ecological standards. He emphasized that NIS’s strategic goals are improvement of quality of life, entrance to the regional market, maximal contribution in the process of NIS’s transformation into a modern energy holding and positive business results.


NIS applies latest technologies in all areas of its work

Daily newspaper “Danas”

The „Danas“ daily reported on business operations and modernization of NIS with highly positive way regarding to its latest technologies in all areas of business. A special focus was on the new modernisation oil refinery Rafinerija nafte Pančevo, which now produces Euro 5-standard fuel. Modernisation of equipment for transporting derivatives from the refinery is part of a strategy of NIS to assume the leading position in the region. The articles also report on the modernisation of equipment and preparation of new technologies in the area of oil services, which will enable higher efficiency of NIS, higher market competitiveness and expansion of business engagement primarily in the region and the EU. The article also reports on NIS’ modern system of payment with a fuel card, new three-colour brand, which guarantees quality, computerised filling stations.


NIS Awarded by “Oskar Kvaliteta“ for 2012 year

Daily newspaper “ Press”

On the occasion of the International Day of Quality and European Week of Quality, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance and Economy officially assigned the Oskar kvaliteta for 2012. NIS is the winner of the National Business Excellence Award, as well as of the awards in three areas: Leadership, Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility. The organizer of the event is Fund for the Culture of Quality and Excellence (FQCE)which is a member of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).


NIS is the gold sponsor of the 8th Job Fair for students and graduates of technical and technological faculties

Daily newspaper “24 Sata”

NIS is the gold sponsor of the 8th Job Fair – Create Your Future for students and graduates of technical and technological faculties. NIS organised a case study titled “Design of NIS’ programme for attracting new users – future drivers” at the Fair, aimed at providing students with experience which will be useful when they get a job and start resolving real issues. During the Job Fair, NIS representatives also participated at a roundtable titled “Are we ready for the business world?”. With their patronage and presence at Job fair, NIS wants to open doors for students of technical sciences to higher possibilities. This year, NIS has numerous initiatives whose goal is revitalization of technical faculties, it is stated. This year, they’ll also continue the realization of “NIS Chance” project.


NIS expands network of gas stations for supplying ships

Daily newspaper „ Blic“

In Veliko Gradište, on the border with Romania, one of the busiest sites on the Danube in this part of Europe, NIS has opened a modern bunker station for supplying ships with euro diesel, the media report. The stations in Veliko Gradište is intended for supplying foreign cargo and passenger ships, as well as domestic ships sailing outside the territory of Serbia. The goal of NIS is to get a higher share on the market of ship bunkering, in a few years, and provide a safe supply of quality fuel at major waterway routes in Serbia.


NIS and Faculty of Organizational Sciences sign Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation

Daily newspaper „Kurir“

The Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation between company NIS and the Faculty of Organizational Sciences was signed in Belgrade by the Decan of the Faculty, Milan Martić, and Director of the Organizational Issues Function of NIS, Dmitry Fomenko, the media reported. The joint interest and the power of partnership are reflected in greater availability of information and improvement of students’ knowledge about business processes, as well as better contact through internships and opening possibilities for the most successful students to continue their career in NIS. Through a new form of cooperation and continual communication with students, student internship in the company NIS will continue. At the same time, there will be guest lectures of NIS’s experts, and support for research and final papers, training programs and joint projects. “As a socially responsible company, for the third year in a row, NIS has cooperated with Belgrade and Novi Sad Universities, trying to integrate business and knowledge, it is stressed. The signing of the Memorandum means that the company is more and more dedicated to student population, especially of those educational profiles that NIS needs, and FON is definitely one of them” said Director of the Function for Organizational Issues in NIS, Dmitry Fomenko.

October 2012.


NIS supported the children’s sports weekend

Daily newspaper „ Blic“

At the plateau in front of the building of NIS, in Belgrade, this weekend, the sports weekend for children took place. On Saturday from 11 to 15 o’clock, children of the age of 6-10 years attended the NIS Open Tennis School. At four mini tennis courts, they learned the first lessons and enjoyed the magic of the white sports, while tennis coaches had a chance to discover new young talents. The campaign was realized in cooperation with the Tennis Association of Serbia, and its aim was to promote tennis among the youngest population and encourage talented individuals. Sunday was marked by basketball. In cooperation with the Basketball Association of Serbia, at the plateau in front of the building of NIS, 3 basketball courts were set up at which mini basket presentation took place “We energize the game, we are energized by NIS. NIS’s support to the Open Tennis School and the Mini Basket Presentation is realized within the corporate program the “Energy of Sport”, which the company implements in order to encourage and develop sports spirit and fair play and promote a healthy lifestyle and give support to the realization of supreme results.


NIS received award for supporting children’s safety

Daily newspaper „ Kurir“

Organizers of an action “Peške bez greške” respectively Shopping Center “Usce” and Euro Level Media awarded company NIS with special awards for social responsibility. NIS Company supported the action for children traffic safety, wanting to help them to learn about their independent participation in traffic through fun, thus improving their safety. Company constantly works on improvement of conditions that will bring number of incidents and injuries at wok to a zero level. Because of that, they implemented Management policy in fields of environmental protection, industrial safety and protection at work. Standard on safe driving with transport vehicles within road traffic came out of that policy, which is in power for two years and which immediately brought positive results. “That’s why we wanted to help in educating the youth, so that children can check their knowledge and learn to be careful and responsible towards themselves and others, using practical activities and games. By doing this, we spread consciousness on safety not only within our company but in society as a whole”, David Ellison, Director of HSE Function in NIS, stated.


NIS invests in supply of deposits with electric energy

Daily newspaper „ Danas“

NIS initiated realization of a project, which goal is to increase efficiency of a system for supply of electric energy to company’s deposits, located at Serbian territory, Danas daily published the information. As it was emphasized, the goal of the project is to increase efficiency in production of hydrocarbon thanks to maximal possible utilization of liquid petroleum gas. Realization of the project will not only allow independence of NIS’s deposits and their supply with heat but significant increase in energy efficiency of their work, as well, as it will contribute to reduced emission of harmful matters, created as a consequence of incineration of liquid petroleum gas through torch method. Officials from NIS stated that integration of cogeneration capacities in technological infrastructure of oil boreholes is completely in course with modern practices in some of the largest oil companies.

September 2012.


New consumer site of NIS

Daily newspaper „Kurir“

At started operating a new website of NIS. This web site is designed for consumers and corporate clients. Through web site, consumers can be informed about promotions, sweepstakes and all other updates on the largest retail network of petrol stations in Serbia. Users have the possibility of two-way communication, by which NIS continues the good practice of transparency, characterized by constantly improving services and customer care. Emphasis is placed on consumer education, and a topic that occupies a special place is safe driving. The data on weather forecasts are designed for the drivers, as well as the data on current road conditions and information on help along the way.


Jobs for 215 young people in NIS

Daily newspaper „Dnevnik“

Company NIS has signed an employment contract with 215 young people who will work in the towns across Vojvodina for the next 9 months to a year. They will be employed within the program “NIS Chance 2012”, whose aim is to employ young people, with high school or faculty degrees without working experience in their profession. Company NIS started this programe in line with its corporate social responsibility. NIS’s partners in the realization of the first phase of that program are the Government of Vojvodina, the cities of Novi Sad, Pančevo, Zrenjanin and the municipalities of Novi Bečej and Kikinda. Head of the Organizational Affairs of NIS, Dmitry Fomenko, said that in autumn, in the second phase of the project “NIS Chance 2012”, about 80 more young people would get jobs in thе company and they would be hired in Novi Sad, Niš and Čačak. “We need young people and it is certain that we will keep on the jobs in our company many of those who are now signing contracts even after the expiration of the period of 1 year, Fomenko said, adding that NIS would, in addition to providing job vacancies, take part in financing salaries of those young people.



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