NIS makes dividend payments to its shareholders totaling nearly 7 billion dinars

On Monday, August 27, for the sixth consecutive year, NIS is paying dividends to its shareholders with the amount of 6,948,003,644 dinars allocated for the purpose, which is 73 per cent more than the amount paid for the dividends last year.

Based on the decision made at the NIS Shareholders Assembly meeting held on June 21, shareholders will receive 25 per cent of the net profit of the Association as a dividend payout which amounted to 27,790,460,000 dinars in 2017.

All shareholders who were registered in the Central Securities Register, Depository and Clearing House as share owners on the Shareholders Day of the tenth NIS Shareholders Assembly regular session, that is June 11 2018, are entitled to the dividend payout. The citizens of Serbia who own shares of NIS will be paid 36.22 dinars per share, which is the amount that is obtained when the 15-per-cent tax, which NIS is obliged to pay for the shareholders in the payment of dividends, gets deducted from the gross dividend per share (42.61 RSD). Payment to minority shareholders is made through the Central Securities Depository, to the accounts used for share trading or to the accounts they provided when they applied for the free shares.

On the Shareholders Day, NIS had 2.099.432 shareholders. “Gazprom Neft” owns 56.15% of share capital of NIS, while 29.87% of shares is owned by the Republic of Serbia. The remaining part belongs to citizens, employees, former employees, and other minority shareholders. On account of the dividend from profit, the amount of 2.075.622.325 dinars will be paid in the budget of the Republic of Serbia for 2017, and the Republic of Serbia generates income based on the tax paid with the dividend payments to shareholders.

Kiril Tjurdenev, general director of NIS, stated regarding the dividend payment:

“One of the basic goals of the Strategy of Development of NIS until 2025 is the creation of new values for the shareholders, our employees, and the community in which we do business. Positive financial results in 2017 enabled us to pay a significantly higher amount to the shareholders on behalf of the dividend than a year before. This year, we are focused on the development of strategic projects of NIS forming the basis of the future development and providing profitability in order to remain a safe source of income for our shareholders even in the challenging times”.


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