NIS to present Agro Card benefits at International Agricultural Trade Show

This year’s International Agricultural Trade Show running 15-21 May in Novi Sad features a presentation of NIS Agro Card that brings multiple benefits and considerable discounts to agricultural households when buying fuel and non-fuel products at NIS-operated petrol stations.

NIS’ stand in the Master Hall of the Novi Sad Fair

The seven-day event is an opportunity for all interested visitors to learn more about the advantages of NIS’ agricultural programme and take over an Agro Card application form from NIS’ stand in the Master Hall of the Novi Sad Fair.

For the fifth year running and in an effort to promote agricultural development, NIS as a leading company in the domestic fuel market provides multiple benefits to farmers using NIS Agro Card, granting a five-dinar discount per litre of Euro Diesel and a tree-dinar discount per litre of Gas Oil 0.1 all year round. NIS Agro Card brings even more for accrued volumes so, depending on the quantity of Euro Diesel or Gas Oil purchased, regular discounts thus available under NIS’ agricultural programme can be as high as 12 dinars per litre of standard and premium diesel fuel or up to 8 dinars per litre of Gas Oil 0.1. NIS is also giving additional discounts to NIS Agro Card holders until end-May – up to 11 dinars per litre of gas oil or up to 15 dinars for standard and premium diesel fuel, depending on the quantity of purchase.

In addition to Euro-5 quality gas oil and diesel, NIS Agro Card offers agricultural producers a year-round discount of 15 percent on products from the NISOTEC oils and lubricants portfolio and 20 percent on designated commodities. Thanks to NIS’ cooperation with insurance company DDOR Novi Sad, purchasing with NIS Agro Card wins a voucher from the insurance company, allowing a 10 percent discount when taking out an agriculture policy with DDOR.

One of the new features of the corporate programme for farmers to be presented at the stand is a discount of 10 RSD/kg for buying gas cylinders. In addition to presenting the benefits for farmers, at this year’s Agricultural Trade Show NIS will also present the full NISOTEC oils and lubricants portfolio that brings fuel savings, better engine corrosion protection and extended engine life.

Multiple benefits brought by NIS Agro Card are available from the largest retail network in Serbia selling first-rate Euro-5 quality domestic products and a wide array of non-fuel products. NIS Agro Cards are issued to individuals, entrepreneurs and legal entities with an active status of registered agricultural household or farm and to owners of registered agricultural machinery.


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