An Oil Adventure at “Night of the Museums”

As part of the “Night of the Museums” event, NIS opened the doors to its museums in Novi Sad and Kikinda, giving visitors the opportunity to see exhibitions demonstrating the development of one of the most important industries in Serbia: energetics.

As part of the event “Museum Night” NIS opened the doors to its museums in Novi Sad and Kikinda

On this occasion, the company presented valuable exhibits, interesting stories about the first oil wells in Serbia, the development of petrol stations, and also interactive installations showing how the search for ‘black gold’ is undertaken. Furthermore, the visitors to NIS’s museums were provided with an insight as to how the industry is changing, and what the search for oil could look like in future.

Thus, visitors to the museum in Novi Sad could take part in the search for oil, through a combination of the most modern scientific technologies from different engineering disciplines in the field and in the laboratory. For the youngest visitors, the company prepared an interactive presentation of the oil and gas discovery process through interesting games, while young researchers could also see where all the components of oil eventually end up. The visitors to the museum in Kikinda were presented with a rich display of oilfields in our country. Among the exhibits, the audience could take a look at the history of the domestic oil industry as presented through NIS corporate magazines from different periods of the company’s development, and also participate in interesting games, such as solving thematic puzzles and guessing hidden objects.

This year’s 15th “Night of the Museums” was organized across more than 50 locations throughout Serbia. NIS participated in this event, which provides a unique opportunity for the company to familiarize the public with its business activities, tradition and also the perspectives of the oil industry, which has contributed significantly to the development of our country, for the eighth year in a row.


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