Rewarded NIS customers set out on their World Cup journey

Serbia’s fans supporting our national team at the World Cup in Russia are joined by 14 NIS customers winning a trip to the World Cup in a prize promotion run by NIS Petrol and GAZPROM stations until 10 June.

They will watch the Serbia vs Switzerland game on 22 June in Kaliningrad, the westernmost city of all World Cup host cities, and cheer on Serbia’s football team in the match that can decide our national team’s further placement. The lucky winners set out on their Russian journey from GAZPROM-branded Novi Beograd station; they had won the trip and the tickets for the match in NIS’ prize promotion rewarding customers purchasing 25 or more litres of premium gasoline G-Drive 100 or premium diesel fuel G-Drive Diesel at our company’s petrol stations. Apart from the trip to Russia, the prize promotion brought more than a hundred thousand prizes to eligible NIS’ customers.

Premium G-Drive fuels are produced to the highest technological standard, using first-rate Euro-5 quality domestic products and blending them with additive compounds from renowned producers. Compared with standard gasoline and euro diesel, the new generation G-Drive products ensure increased fuel efficiency while bringing greater power, better acceleration and engine stability. Due to their active latest-generation components, hundred-octane gasoline G-Drive 100 and premium diesel fuel G-Drive Diesel offer improved engine performance and professional protection to the entire fuel system thus extending the engine life.

NIS’ premium fuels are available from Serbia-based and regional GAZPROM and NIS Petrol stations which offer a wide array of non-fuel products and a rich selection of associated services in addition to fuels produced to the highest European standard by the Pančevo Oil Refinery. The rewarded NIS customers who won the trip to the World Football Cup took part in the prize promotion run at NIS Petrol and GAZPROM stations in Bačka Palanka, Obrenovac, Inđija, Palić, Zrenjanin, Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Jagodina, Kruševac, Valjevo and Belgrade.


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