Organisation and Structure

Procurement of materials, equipment and services in NIS is centralised and segmented in 3 areas according to planned value of potential procurement, delivery terms and business priorities. Procurement Function sets the requirements at the Company level, determines target parameters, and distributes roles among 3 lists of procurement in accordance with adopted criteria. Thus, most important items are contracted in a centralised way, while locally-specific items are contracted by organizational units that need them.


Procurement of materials

NIS sees the procurement of materials through the following directions:

Procurement of equipment

  • stationary and rotary
  • drilling
  • laboratory
  • electrical
  • it and telecommunication
  • measuring-regulation
  • construction
  • security
  • office
  • medical

Procurement of chemicals

  • chemicals for oil extraction and refining
  • chemicals for wells
  • chemicals for laboratory, water and energy
  • dangerous and explosive substances
  • acids and bases and their derivatives
  • bulk additives

Procurement of maintenance parts

  • spare parts
  • mechanical consumables
  • tools
  • machinery and measuring devices

Procurement of pipes

  • Pipes
  • metallurgy and non-metal products
  • tube closures
  • fittings and flanges

Procurement of transport vehicles and operating vehicles

Procurement of services

NIS procures services in the following areas:

Olfield services

  • Seismic and interpretation of geological data
  • Exploration and development drilling
  • Enhanced recovery
  • Well workover
  • Other oilfield services

Capital construction services:

  • Construction of surface infrastructure for oil processing facilities
  • Construction and retrofits of oil processing facilities
  • Construction and retrofits of refuelling stations
  • Other services CC

Auxiliary services

(Assembly and dismantling of scaffolding, transport services, maintenance, pipeline protection, etc.)

Administrative and other services

(IT services maintenance, staff leasing, FTO, office maintenance)

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