Sale and lease of property

The realization of unneeded assets in NIS j.s.c. is grouped in three areas, according to the categories and business activities. The Warehouse Operations Sector, with support of the Tender Procedures Sector, organises and carries out alienation of noncurrent and illiquid assets at the level of NIS j.s.c. and its subsidiaries, which operate on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, in line with the adopted initiatives.

Fixed assets which have been removed from inventory, unneeded material from the warehouses, an produced waste (except for the hazardous waste, the disposal of which requires engagement of the authorized hazardous waste management agent in accordance with the law) are subject to sales. The sales are conducted by organising and holding open auctions or by collecting offers in case of sales of non-current materials that are undamaged and mostly represent redundant resources required to ensure stable operation of units.

In line with the defined development strategy, NIS j.s.c. alienates and leases immovable assets (land and real estate) not planned for further use. The Sector for Non-Core Assets Realization, with support of the Tender Procedures Sector, organises and carries out alienation of unneeded immovable property by means of open auctions. The Real Estate Lease Sector and Warehouse Operations Sector independently organise and carry out collection of offers for lease of immovable property.

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