Suppliers performance management

NIS j.s.c. Novi Sad considers supplier performance as an opportunity for further development of cooperation and positive growth of business relations with our current and future suppliers. By evaluating supplier performance, our company defines KPIs (key performance indicators) which constitute the basis for monitoring and developing the cooperation with our business partners.

We expect from our suppliers to completely fulfill all their contractual obligations within agreed deadlines.

Supplier performance is continuously monitored for each and every contract. Performance evaluation is carried out once a year and our suppliers receive feedback about the grade they have earned. Within this process, we identify possible issues and together with the supplier work to remove deficiencies regarding the realization of the contractual obligations in question. By identifying these issues, we draw conclusions with the aim of preventing their re-occurrence.

The following KPIs and weighted values have been defined for the purposes of performance evaluation:



In the case of unresolved complaints regarding the quality of delivered materials/services rendered/works carried out



Timely fulfillment of contractual obligations regarding the delivery of materials/contracted services/works



Cancellation of the delivery of materials/services/works

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