As a responsible company, NIS takes the quality and quality assurance of its products seriously.

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The laboratories (both the Downstream Laboratory Department and the Upstream Laboratory) conduct their work as part of the NIS Naftagas d.o.o. Novi Sad Science and Technology Centre, providing quality testing services for every stage in the petroleum production and refining process.

Testing of crude oil quality begins in the field in production unit laboratories, followed by the testing of crude oil prepared for refinery processing, then testing of the quality of process flows and semi-finished products, and ends with the quality control of final refinery products and the issuing of test reports. Test reports verify that the quality of the fuel produced is in compliance with the quality standards prescribed by national laws and regulations.

Laboratory testing during final quality control, i.e. prior to the delivery of fuel to end users, is conducted with the aim of ensuring fuel quality during transport from the refinery to the petrol stations and the prevention of fuel degradation in transport.

These procedures guarantee the quality of fuel produced by NIS.

The Downstream Laboratory Department has been accredited in accordance with SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2006 Standard (Certificate 01-372, issued by the Accreditation Body of Serbia) and has the capacity and professional expertise for the following types of work:

Physical and chemical testing:

  • Fuels (crude oil, Euro BMB 98, Europremium BMB 95 (SRPS EN 228:2010), Eurodiesel (SRPS EN 590:2010), LPG autogas (SRP EN 589:2012), jet fuel Jet A-1 (GM-1), aviation gasoline (Avgas 100LL), low-sulphur fuel oil – special (NSGS), medium fuel oil (S), extra light fuel oil (EL);
  • Construction products (Eurobitumen 50/70, 70/100, 160/220 for roads; polymer-modified bitumen PMB 45/80-65 for roads);
  • Chemicals and chemical products (liquid sulphur, catalysts, antifreezes, lubricants, and brake fluids);
  • Environmental (water) samples;

Sampling of fuel (liquefied petroleum gas, oil, and liquid petroleum products).

Testing is conducted in multiple locations, covering the entire territory of Serbia:

  • For Central, South, and East Serbia regions – the Niš Laboratory,
  • For West Serbia and Belgrade – the Surčin Laboratory,
  • For Vojvodina – the Pančevo and Novi Sad Laboratories.

The capacities and competences of the laboratories are confirmed through regular inspections carried out by the Accreditation Body of Serbia (ABS).

The laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge laboratory equipment and highly-trained engineering and technical staff.

State body accreditations

Part of the testing at the Downstream Laboratory Department is conducted based on the accreditations issued by the state bodies of the Republic of Serbia:

  • Accreditation for the assessment of petroleum-based liquid fuel conformity with reference standards (Decision No. 312-01-01863/2013-03 by the Ministry of Energy, Development, and Environmental Protection).
  • Accreditation for the assessment of liquefied petroleum gas conformity with reference standards (Decision No. 312-01-01862/2013-03 by the Ministry of Energy, Development, and Environmental Protection).

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