Oils and lubricants

NIS has a long tradition of producing lubricants. NIS boasts a wide range of products including the international Italian-made G-Energy brand and the regional brand NISOTEC.


The NISOTEC brand is intended for the majority of consumers, while G-Energy meets the demands of the premium market, with its assortment of products dedicated for authorized services, and oils for Japanese and Korean made cars.

Thus, the NISOTEC programme is characterised by top-notch products approved for use by leading car makers and economy-class oils for lubricating older-generation vehicles, while the G-Energy assortment comprises synthetic and semi-synthetic oils for motors of the latest generation of passenger cars made in Europe, Japan and the USA.

NIS two-brand synergy caters to the entire lubricants market in Serbia and the whole region.

Year in year out, NIS has been expanding its range of products, conforming to all requirements of engine manufacturers and complying with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. NIS strengthened its leadership reaching a 22 per cent share of Serbia’s market in 2013. NISOTEC is increasingly available across the Balkans as the distribution network grows.

NISOTEC has developed a new range of eco-friendly lubricants aimed at environment protection. NISOTEC AdBlue intended for Euro 4 and Euro 5 engines is already available on the market. It reduces noxious nitrogen oxides in exhaust gases. Development of new products in this eco-assortment is under way – with NISOTEC Biotesterol, biodegradable product intended for forestry and agriculture.

NISOTEC products have so far won more than 30 medals for quality, as well as the champion cup for exceptional quality at the Novi Sad International Agriculture Fair.

NISOTEC produces the following types of oils and lubricants:

  • NISOTEC motor oils
  • NISOTEC transmission oils
  • NISOTEC oils for agricultural and construction machines
  • NISOTEC brake fluid
  • NISOTEC anti-freeze
  • NISOTEC windshield liquid
  • NISOTEC hydraulic oils, compressor oils, oils for transmitters
  • NISOTEC greases

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