Knowledge Olympiads


In order to popularize natural sciences, since 2013, NIS has been supporting the realization of the Knowledge Olympiads in mathematics, physics and chemistry in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia and Society of Mathematicians of Serbia, Physics Society of Serbia and Serbian Chemical Society.

NIS supports the realization of different levels of competitions in natural sciences, provides support to national teams for participation in regional and international competitions in natural sciences, implements group projects with professional scientific societies.

Since 2013, financial support has been provided to the organization of the Serbian and international Mathematics and Physical Olympics, and since 2014, to the Olympiad in Chemistry as well.

Since then, a total of 34 Serbian and international Knowledge Olympiads in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry have been held, and our talented high school students have won a total of 77 medals:

  • 28 medals at the International Physics Olympiads,
  • 31 medals at the International Mathematics Olympiads,
  • 18 medals at the International Chemistry Olympiads

Over 600 students from Serbia have passed through NIS’s Olympics and projects through the “Energy of Knowledge” program.

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