Being a company relying on the application of new technologies, innovation and scientific discoveries in all business segments, NIS continually puts effort in scientific and educational projects and science promotion, teaming up with partners who regard raising science awareness and social engagement of youth as some of the basic values.


NIS has a mission to drive social changes through youth involvement and development, affirmation of knowledge and showing positive role models.

Professional scientific societies

The key partners of our company are primarily the Association of Mathematicians of Serbia, the Physics Society of Serbia and the Serbian Chemical Society.

Every year we provide financial support for the realization of national Olympics in mathematics, physics and chemistry, as well as for the preparation and trip of Serbian teams to international natural sciences competitions .

So far, over 1000 students have participated these Olympiads, and have achieved great results at the republic and international Olympic Games.
We are pride for being a small part of their great success.

Petnica Research Centre

Being a company that fosters innovation and research, for seven years running NIS has been investing into programmes of Serbia’s best-known source of young science talents.

The Petnica Research Centre (PRC) is an individual and independent organisation focused on developing and promoting of science, culture, scientific literacy and education. PRC’s activities are predominantly oriented to youth – school children and students, and to introducing teaching staff to new techniques, methods and information in various areas of natural and technical sciences and humanities.

Being aware of Petnica’s importance, every year the Company makes donations to ensure the centre’s unhindered operation, including organising various courses, summer schools, camps and seminars, and academic conferences.

The Science festival

Being the major event for promoting science and education in the society, the Science festival is recognised as a project through which our commitment to innovation and research is put into practice.

Over the years the Festival has emerged as the most distinguished popular science event in the region of South East Europe. In 2014, the year NIS became the general sponsor of the event.

Through innovative exhibitions, workshops and interactive exhibits, NIS is also a participant in the festival, introducing attendees in an interesting way to oil production and exploitation processes and other activities of the only oil company in Serbia.

EXIT Foundation

We have been supporting EXIT, the largest music festival in South East Europe, and in 2014 this cooperation took the form of joint activities with the EXIT Fund in 2009. NIS has recognised the EXIT Fund to be a partner that has a similar mission – to drive social changes through youth involvement and development, affirmation of knowledge and showing positive role models.

Through a programme “Youth Heroes” launched in 2014, NIS and EXIT Fund joined forces in supporting and promoting “youth heroes,” talented young people who distinguished themselves with their activism, initiatives and scientific and educational accomplishments. Introducing positive role models and their success stories, often unknown to the public, we believe is one of the key ways to offer youth a positive model to look up to, thus contributing to building Serbia into a prosperous society. Thus a vast number of those accomplishing major success with their hard work, learning, creativity and entrepreneurship will leave the shadows of the negative role models and inspire their peers, but also the entire community, to follow their lead vigorously.

The “Youth Hero” award was given to: Mihajlo Sporic, a multiple golden Olympic champion and state champion in the field of physics and astronomy, Mihailo Martinovic, double PhD in science, astronomy and astrophysics, Kosta Jovanovic, a young robotics engineer who develops simulation models of advanced humanoid robots, as well as many other talented “Youth Heroes”.

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