Philanthropy and volunteerism

NIS, recognised as one of the most responsible domestic companies, devotes a great deal of attention to philanthropic activities, as well as the development of volunteerism among its employees. In order to encourage empathy and support the initiatives and positive values of its staff, the company carried out a series of philanthropic and voluntary actions in 2018.


Although numerous corporate projects have encouraged the development of empathy and supported initiatives to help all vulnerable categories of the population, our philanthropic activities in 2018 were targeted at children and helping institutions where children are treated. In addition to helping the young and their healthcare institutions, our activities were focused on environmental activities, as well as projects aimed at raising awareness about the importance of environmental protection.

Funds for philanthropic and voluntary actions in NIS have been collected for years in various ways. Thus, employees in previous years have donated funds on their own initiative, and the company has doubled the amount collected. We then expanded our operations to our fuel stations and included our consumers, so that when they purchased a certain amount of fuel, the company made a donation to help us strengthen our philanthropic activities. This and the previous year, we collected funds for philanthropic and voluntary actions with auctions on Company Day, where employees were able to bid to purchase sports trophies, sports events and the like.

This year we collected funds for the General Hospital “Studenica” in Kraljevo, as well as the Clinical and Hospital Centre in Kosovska Mitrovica. Kraljevo hospital received a donation of around 100,000 euros for the purchase of a new laparoscopic pillar which will enable the use of modern surgical methods for treating patients. In addition to the support provided by our company and its employees to the General Hospital in Kraljevo, NIS purchased a new medical vehicle with a mobile incubator for the Clinical Hospital Centre in Kosovska Mitrovica worth 45,000 euros.

“This time, Santa Claus came from far-away Russia and donated this significant donation worth 100,000 euros, which we will transfer to the latest laparoscopic pillar. So far we have been using the 2004 appliance and now it will be replaced by a new one that will help and improve the work of experts in our hospital. Once again, I thank NIS for having understanding and for its social responsibility obviously going beyond our understanding, but knowing the strategy of our hospital and partnership with the Ministry of Health and partnership relations with people of good will, I hope that we will cooperate in the coming years.”

Dr Zoran Mrvić,  

Director of General Hospital “Studenica” in Kraljevo


In 2018, we formally founded the “Volunteer Club” and gathered a large number of company employees, with the main goal of involving as many NIS employees as possible in planning, designing and carrying out volunteering activities.
Through corporate volunteerism, companies motivate their employees and encourage them to engage and develop a sense of belonging to a community, allowing them to engage in activities that contribute to achieving broader social goals. In our activities, employees donate their time or knowledge, and the focus is on socially vulnerable categories, children and youth, ecology and environmental protection.

Guided by the fact that not all are fortunate enough to welcome the Christmas and New Year holidays within a family, NIS employees also served as Santa Claus’s assistants in 2018 by packing New Year presents provided by the company for children from the General Hospital “Studenica” in Kraljevo, the Children’s village in Kraljevo, the Clinical and Hospital Centre in Kosovska Mitrovica and the Clinical Centre in Niš.

Volunteering can change someone’s life, help create a sense of belonging, encourage personal development and develop many skills. That is why corporate volunteerism is an integral part of corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility, and its development is of particular importance to all of us.

In the course of 2018, NIS employees organised several volunteering projects, among which were the delivery of presents and socialising with children at the Children’s Home in Sremčica, Belgrade, then decorating the yard, painting the fence, and painting the jardinieres and walls at the same institution in spring, as well as painting the hall at the Serbian Institute for Mother and Child Health Care “Dr.Vukan Čupić” In addition to this is the landscaping of the Russian Necropolis in Belgrade, with the participation of representatives from the state authorities, the local self-government, diplomatic corps, Serbian Orthodox Church, Russian Orthodox Church and top management of the company, and continuous support to the association “Caps for a Smile”.

In addition to humanitarian activities, our volunteers initiated and participated in several important environmental events, of which we highlight environmental activities at Fruška Gora on World Environmental Day, cleaning up the Tamiš river bank, in which the top management and representatives of the local authorities, citizens and various organisations participated, and cleaning the Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad with partners.

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