Occupational Safety

Crude processing industry operation profile requires a high concern for occupational health and safety, these being among the priorities and preconditions for a successful company.


In terms of occupational health and safety, Company’s standards and existing practice go beyond the existing legal obligations to ensure efficient risk management. To ensure security of engaged contractors, they are required to strictly adhere to Company’s standards.

NIS strives to reduce the number of identified risks with the introduction of new technological improvements

NIS strives to reduce the number of identified risks with the introduction of new technological improvements. The OHS issues are covered with in a formal agreement with the trade union and defined in the Collective Agreement. The Company’s management and employees improve HSE performances with their personal example and actions, and demonstrate commitment to HSE principles.

The commitment of the Company to do business by adhering to the principles of socially responsible behaviour and only the suppliers (and their subcontractors) that meet the legislation of the Republic of Serbia have an opportunity to participate in tenders and procurements conducted by the Company.

NIS conducts a process of HSE prequalification of suppliers in order to improve the practice in the field of OSH, EP and FP. Such a practice contributed to the fact that many suppliers for this reason raised the level of safety in their companies to a higher level.

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