Sponsorships and Donations

NIS is open for various types of cooperation in line with company values.


The company set up the Sponsorships and Donations Board, which is in session four times a year, made up of the company’s main departments. The Board is in charge of planning and monitoring the implementation of social and economic cooperation with Serbia’s cities and towns, the consideration and approval of sponsorships and donations, the allocation of funds and the assessment of accomplishments. Monitoring is strict throughout all stages starting with budget allocation through to the delivery of each individual project.

The following principles guide the choice of projects:

Regional Principle – Donations are made in regions where the company’s operates its commercial or other interests related to business development.

Anticipation – NIS deems sponsorships and donations an investment in the future of those regions that in the company’s view have great potential for its business development.

Efficiency – Sponsorships and donation projects ought to achieve a maximum effect, both from the point of view of the recipient spending the allocated funds and also having a positive impact on the corporate image among the population of a particular region and communication with their authorities. One of the important results is the creation of a positive environment for the implementation of innovative projects and those related to business development.

Accessibility and Transparency – The activities need to be charitable to ensure the efficient spending of allocated funds. Projects implemented should satisfy the current needs of the local population. Other than that, a transparent and efficient monitoring of the appropriate expenditure shall be put in place.

Uniqueness  – To avoid conflict of interests the Company avoids participation in projects involving its competitors.

How to apply for Sponsorships and Donations

To qualify for consideration applications shall indicate:

  • exact name of sponsorship or donation beneficiary;
  • required amount of sponsorship or donation;
  • current account number and the name of bank of the beneficiary;
  • detailed documentation elaborating the project and objectives for the donation and sponsorship;
  • in case of a sponsorship request, applicants should state all the positions and areas of promotion of NIS as sponsor;
  • incorporation acts (for companies);

All recipients of funds to implement their projects should enter into a Sponsorship and Donation Agreement with the company, clearly stipulating the rights and obligations of the signatory parties as well as the recipient’s obligation to provide the company with a report on the appropriate spending of the funds approved by the Agreement within a given time.

E-mail applications and queries to: sponzorstva.donacije@nis.eu

To apply, please fill in the form provided: Proposed project/event to be funded by NIS (doc)


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