Together for the Community Program Results

We as a company deeply care about the communities we work in and over the last 11 years through the Together for the Community program we have invested over one billion and 200 thousand dinars in over 950 projects related to sports, culture, environment, science, education, and healthcare, and worked on helping the socially vulnerable groups.

Check out the results of the program in 2019

  • Belgrade

    1. Clinical Hospital Center, Zemun

    Procurement of nine aspirators and four monitors to the end of improving patients’ care in Pediatrics Service and Intensive Care units in CHC Zemun.

    RSD 5.649.131,20

    2. Health Center “Dr Milutin Ivkovic”, Palilula municipality

    Procurement of digital ultrasound Color Doppler and the workstation for image viewing and fine-tuning, to the end of improving the work of radiology and ultrasound diagnostic services.

    RSD 4.630.000,00

    3. Health Center Obrenovac

    Procurement of the modern ultrasound device for hip screening in newborn babies.

    RSD 3.990.000,00

    4. Health Center Sopot

    Procurement of an ultrasound device for the diagnostic of proper hip development in babies.

    RSD 3.990.000,00

    5. Health Center Mladenovac

    Procurement of hematologic counter with CRP and equipping the laboratory for the Service of Children’s and Youth Healthcare.

    RSD 2.713.948,80

  • Novi Sad

    1. Health Center, Novi Sad

    Equipping the newly found city center for the promotion of reproductive health through the procurement of gynecological table, digital speech therapy set, and equipping a dental workstation, as well as co-financing the ultrasound device, furniture for the facility, four ambulance vehicles and the infective medical waste shredding and sterilization system.

    RSD 15.000.000,00

  • Niš

    1. Health Center, Niš

    Procurement of two modern dental chairs with the entire accompanying equipment, for providing better-quality dental healthcare services for the children.

    RSD 2.500.000,00

    2. Institute for students’ healthcare, Niš

    Procurement of a diagnostic ophthalmologic device – Fundus cameras, to the end of equipping the Ophthalmologic cabinet and supportint early and precise discovery of different types of ailments.

    RSD 1.515.800,00

    3. Institute for Emergency Medical Assistance, Niš

    Procurement of three ECG devices and three inhalators to the end of upgrading the functioning of pediatrics care in night hours.

    RSD 984.200,00

  • Čačak

    1. Health Center, Čačak

    Procurement of 2 ambulance vehicles for the needs of Emergency Room of the Čačak Health Center, to the end of the broader territory coverage for rendering timely service to its users.

    RSD 8.000.000,00

  • Zrenjanin

    1. Health Center “Dr. Boško Vrebalov”

    Procurement of a modern dental chair and additional equipment, transport and emergency ambulance vehicle, as well as two vehicles for the needs of domiciliary care and laboratory refrigerator for the storage of vaccines.

    RSD 12.500.000,00

  • Pančevo

    1. Health Center, Pančevo

    Procurement of the ambulance vehicle with a transport incubator, for procuring timely support to premature-born, newborn babies and infants.

    RSD 6.057.816,00

    2. Health Center Pančevo

    Reconstruction and adaptation of the premises in the Section of children’s and preventive dental care (replacement of construction joinery, of worn floor, remodeling of toilets and painting and decorating).

    RSD 8.942.184,00

  • Kikinda

    1. Health Center, Kikinda

    Reconstruction and remodeling of children and school clinic (replacement of construction joinery, floor panels, remodeling of toilets, interior painting and decorating, construction of ramps and access footpaths) and the procurement of ambulance vehicles with the accompanying medical equipment.

    RSD 17.000.000,00

  • Kanjiža

    1. Health Center Kanjiža

    Procurement of the ultrasound device with three probes, for ultrasound diagnostics and preventive actions among children.

    RSD 5.000.000,00

  • Novi Bečej

    1. Health Center, Novi Bečej

    Construction works within the investment maintenance of the health station in Kumane settlement (the construction of access ramp for persons with disabilities, replacement of the existing sanitary facilities and floor panels, painting and decorating of inner walls, electrical works and replacement of the existing construction joinery with new ones).

    RSD 4.000.000,00

  • Srbobran

    1. Health Center “Dr. Djordje Bastić“

    Procurement of a modern ultrasound device to the end of facilitating the work of Pediatric Service, which performs hip examination in babies, the work of gynecology service during regular monthly examination of pregnant women and timely detection of serious anomalies.

    RSD 5.000.000,00

  • Žitište

    1. Health Center, Žitište

    Procurement of a modern ultrasound device for increasing the quality of healthcare and prevention.

    RSD 4.000.000,00

  • Požarevac

    1. Health Center, Požarevac

    Procurement of two ultrasound devices for the Health Center of Požarevac and its branch ambulatory in Kostolac, to the end of providing better diagnostics and prevention among children and youth before all, but also among infants and expectant mothers.

    RSD 4.000.000,00

  • Plandište

    1. Health Center “1 October”

    Procurement of an ambulance vehicle of the total value of RSD 4.5 million, to the end of improving this institution’s work and creating the adequate conditions for the transport of patients to secondary and tertiary institutions, along with co-financing partnership with the company: Wind Park Plandište LLC.

    RSD 2.000.000,00